11 of The Best Things About Foodiggity Year Two

Today, on this day of onesFoodiggity turns two. What does that mean? Well, Not much. However, today does give us an excuse to reflect on another year of food-related news and nonsense, to properly thank our fans, and to toot Foodiggity’s horn a bit.

So on 11/11/11, Foodiggity enters its terrible twos, and you get this… 11 of The Best Things About Foodiggity Year Two.

Foodiggity Got a Facelift…
Welcome To Foodiggity 2.0

… And We Went Pro
The Foodiggity Shop

A Post Hit 3000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook. Thanks Hoff…
Behold The Hoffsicle 

Two Posts Hit Six-Figure Pageviews — in the same week…
Hand- Painted Food Packaging by Eric Barclay
The OCD Chef Cutting Board Is Here To Help

We Found Jesus… 
Grilled Cheesus Saves

Finally Reached 1000 Fans on Facebook. Thanks Likers…
Foodiggity on Facebook

Hit 1500 Followers on Twitter…
Foodiggity on Twitter

Foodiggity Launched Food Art Friday, Met Some of The Coolest People Ever…
Food Art Friday

We Sold Out of This…
The OCD Chef Cutting Board

We Learned More Than We Needed To Know About The Spork…
A Brief History of The Spork

Finally Started Getting Free Swag…
The Lucky Charms Gift Basket Giveaway

So again, thank you to all of our fans. And on to year three… It should be a good one.

Foodiggity’s Lucky Charms Gift Basket Giveaway

After seeing our Lucky Charms Sifter post, and to promote a recent episode of Glee – agency Rogers & Cowan offered to send Foodiggity a basket of Lucky Charms-related swag to giveaway. I accepted, on the condition that they send two — score!

So without further ado… Foodiggity’s Lucky Charms Swag Giveaway. The gift basket includes; one box of magically delicious Lucky Charms, one stick of Lucky Charms Lip Balm, one Lucky Charms T-shirt, and a bowl and shiny spoon for which to enjoy your free cereal.

Simple to enter… Name something that you truly believe brings good luck? The number 7? A heads-up penny? Stepping in dog doo? Name it.

Head over to Foodiggity’s Facebook page until noon EST tomorrow (11/10) to enter. Best answer in the comment section gets the goods. Good Luck!

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Star Gourds

What happens when a five-year-old insists on bringing his toys pumpkin picking? Star Gourds, that’s what.

[photo by me]

A Brief History of The Spork

What the spork?

The Spork is a confusing utensil, that in theory has the scooping and liquid-holding properties of a spoon, combined with the food-stabbing features of a fork. However, with the spoon part too shallow to hold an acceptable amount of soup, and tines too short and stubby to properly penetrate anything firmer than a canned peach, the spork has become one of the longest standing jokes in culinary history.

But where did this malformed utensil come from? What was the reasoning behind this seemingly useless eating tool? And most importantly, who is ultimately responsible for inventing it? Foodiggity has the answer… sort of.

[Read more...]