A 45-Page Water Menu Exists at LA Restaurant


You know that stuff that comes out of your faucet for free? Well, there’s now a restaurant that would like you to drive to their location, gaze upon a 45-page menu of nothing but water, and then non-ironically order a $16-bottle from a “water sommelier.”

The restaurant that you probably hate now is called, Ray’s and Stark Bar, and it’s unsurprisingly in L.A. However, the menu is kind enough to offer tasting notes, and uses a lot of fancy adverbs to describe each clear tasteless liquid.

Feeling thirsty yet? Scroll through the water menu below…

[via 22 words]

This Vodka Is Made From Cow’s Milk


Moooove over, flavored vodka, there’s a new ridiculous drink concept in town. Black Cow Vodka uses milk instead of grain to make the formerly Russian and respectable clear alcohol.

Using a process that separates the cow’s milk into curds and whey, the curds are then used for cheese and the whey fermented to make a beer. A special yeast converts the milk sugar into alcohol, then the milk beer is distilled and treated to a secret blending process. The vodka is then triple filtered and finished, before being hand bottled. But we still can’t explain Peanut Butter & Jelly Vodka.

[link, via PSFK]

When Jesus Shows Up In Food


Jesus is omnipresent. At least that’s what we’re taught in Sunday school. And, if we’re to believe that Jesus is everywhere, then it only makes sense that he would occasionally make an appearance in our favorite foods.

Here are a few examples of Jesus showing up unexpectedly while people are simply trying to enjoy lunch. And remember, if you’d like to intentionally print Jesus on your food, we’ve got you covered.

Grilled Cheese

Frying Pan




Fish Stick

Potato Chip

[intentional Jesus here, photos via Buzzfeed]

Eggs On A Stick Is Now Possible With The Rollie


Because you need this… The Rollie Eggmaster is here to help make breakfast extra convenient and unnecessarily phallic. Using something called “Vertical Cooking Technology,” the Rollie makes eggs on a stick possible.

It will also make long slender horderves to help make your guests feel a little more uncomfortable. Find out more here.



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