The Chemistry of Cookies


Put some cookie dough in the oven, set it to 350°F, and in 10-12 minutes, people will be losing their minds.

But as low-brow as stuffing your face with as many freshly-baked cookies may seem — there’s actually a lot of science involved in the process, as well as why cookies are nearly impossible to resist. Darn you, science!

Please watch this…


The Burt Reynolds Eclair… You’re Welcome, Ladies


It might be hard to believe if you weren’t a lonely housewife in the early-70s… But Burt Reynolds was once considered a sex symbol. So much so, that he once posed butt-nekkid on a bear skin rug, and the aforementioned women swooned. Now, the bear skin has been replaced with chocolate and cream, and the iconic image is now an eclair.

Brought to us by UK-based Lou Lou P’s Delights, the Burt Reynolds Eclair was created in honor of Movember UK… Which, not unlike the iconic photo that it’s helping to parody, is also all about hair. Soak it in, ladies.



The Last Meals of Famous People, Arranged By Calories and Fanciness


Have you ever wondered what some famous dead people had as their last meal? Well, lucky for you, someone was taking notes and provided your answers in a handy chart.

A Quick Bite Before They Headed Off, by Sarah Lazarovic at the National Post, not only documents the last thing a few celebs and historical figures ate last, but arranges the meals by caloric content and fanciness.

No surprise that Elvis is way up high to the left. Also nice to see that Cleopatra was a fan.

[link, via Neatorama and Nag on The Lake]

Foodiggity’s Music Lover’s Gift Guide


Are you, or someone you know, a culinary rockstar? Do you pretend to play guitar with your utensils while your sauce simmers? Do you use the new cookware as a drum set, with wooden spoons as drumsticks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Foodiggity is here to help. Whether for yourself, or a music-loving cook in your life, we have some stuff that’ll cater to everyone’s culinary and music skills — or lack thereof. Please enjoy.




Flipper Guitar Spatula

Flip that omelette like a rockstar. The Flipper Guitar Spatula can take the heat, and help turn over your favorite food item with style. 100% Silicone. Dishwasher safe and tested up to 500º. Available in black. [$11.99]



Amp Mug

Amp Mug

Finally, the caffeine-addicted guitar player has a proper morning drinking vessel, with the Amp Mug. Designed to look like a vintage amplifier, you can crank up the sugar and cream and get the morning rockin’. [$11.99]




Guitar Salad Servers

Nothing says, ‘Rock and Roll’ quite like a good salad. So, Rockin’ Guitar Salad Servers make perfect sense. Beautifully-crafted and made of beechwood, they’ll help rock your next bowl of mixed greens, or anything that needs a little mixing. Rock on, salad eater. Two guitar-shaped spoons. Made of beechwood. [$14.99]




Turntable Kitchen Timer

Just because you’re timing an egg, doesn’t mean that you can’t rock the house in the meantime. The Turntable Kitchen Timer will take you back to when vinyl ruled — albeit for no more than 55 minutes. [$13.99]




Tattoo Oven Mitt

It’s pretty hard to look tough while baking. But perhaps it’s because you’ve never had a Tattoo Oven Mitt. It’s the perfect way to protect your hand and look badass while doing it. Unless you’re pulling a quiche out of the oven. No oven mitt can help you there. Outer front is 100% Nylon. Outer back is 100% Neoprene. All badass. [$14.99]




Record Coasters

Although most of your guests have probably never used vinyl, they could start by protecting your furniture with Record Coasters. Created to look like vintage 45 RPM records, every drink at your next party will be a hit. CDs never did that… remember those? Box of 4 coasters. Made of thick durable silicone. Dishwasher safe. [$11.99]




Rockin’ Veggie Peeler

Hello, Cleveland!! Are you ready to peel some vegetables?!! Now you can rock out with your cuke out, with the Rockin’ Veggie PeelerMade from ABS plastic with stainless steel blade, dishwasher safe. [$7.99]