The Burrito Bomber Will Drop Off Your Lunch

Pretty soon, we may not have to wait on that ridiculous line at Chipotle for a burrito — or even have to leave the spot that we’re currently standing in for that matter. The makers of the Burrito Bomber have developed a delivery system that takes to the skies, and will drop off your lunch wherever you are.

Using the body of a SkyWalker X8 Flying Wing, the Ardupilot flying system, and a Quantum RTR Bomb System — Darwin Aerospace has developed the Bomber to carry and distribute its precious cargo to a location provided via your smartphone.

Although this sort of food delivery system is currently illegal — thanks to certain restrictions by the FAA — it could become a reality in a few years. So, start clearing out the trees in front of the house, and practice your burrito catching skills.

[link, via Gizmodo]

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