Ice Cream Mosaics Are A Great Way To Decorate Potholes


As long as we’re still using streets, there will be tire-destroying potholes. Too bad, the means still used to fix large holes in the street results in unattractive patchworks.

Treats in the Streets is a fun project by Chicago-based mosaic artist, Jim Bachor. He pretties-up these unfortunate-looking road-fixes by installing ice cream-themed mosaics in them.

Most of the works can be found throughout Chicago. Check out Bachor’s Instagram to help keep track of the exact location of the ice cream mosaics. Just look out for potholes that don’t have ice cream in them.








[link, via Junk Culture]

Beef Jerky Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Mosaic artist Jason Mecier, best known for his food mosaics of pop culture and mythical figures, has recently thrown his glue gun into the political ring. Created for a promotion for Jack Links, Barack Obameat & Meat Romney [nice!] are made entirely from beef jerky.

Now, we try never to get political here at Foodiggity. But even Romney’s dehydrated meat smile gives me the douche chills. Be sure to check out Mecier’s making-of video below.

[Jason Mecier on Facebook, via Laughing Squid]

The World’s Largest Coffee Bean Mural

Entitled Awakening, Russian artist and sculptor Arkady Kim recently revealed the world’s largest coffee bean mosaic. At around 30 square meters and using around 397 lbs of coffee beans, the highly caffeinated mural is on display at Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow.

Passersby are encouraged to get up close to touch and smell the fresh roasted beans. But please, no licking the art. It’s on display until July 1.

[via My Modern Met]