Vodka-Flavored Vodka for Men

In a world where peanut butter and jelly, and glazed donut-flavored vodka exists — it’s good to know that there’s still some good old-fashioned vodka-flavored vodka. Maximus Vodka is bringing the testosterone back to clear liquors, and have created an ad campaign to help convince us that it’s still very manly to drink the stuff.

To help drive the point home even further, American artist Mort Künstler was commissioned to supply illustrations of square-jawed scruffy men doing manly things. The accompanying copy challenges the male viewer to stop being such a sissy — using a hard-edged font usually reserved for car magazines and Steve McQueen’s business cards. Drink up, nancy.

[via 22 Words]

Mannaise, Mayonnaise for Men

We weren’t aware that ordinary mayonnaise was go girly. Nonetheless, Mannaise is the first mayonnaise product for men by men. So, what makes this mayo so manly? Well, for starters, the mascot has an awesome mustache. And this testosterone-fueled condiment includes roasted jalapeños which, as we all know, are the manliest of all jalapeños. Mannaise is currently in its Kickstarter phase — but you can check it out and pledge here.

And remember, when using a manly condiment, to always practice safe lunch.

[link, via Cool Material]

The Best Beer Commercial Of The Year, Possibly Ever

Recently winning a Gold Lion at Cannes, this Australian spot for Hahn Super Dry officially became the best beer commercial of the year. Using the one-minute spot to prove how manly their beer is — the effective use of beer drums, kung fu, and shag carpeting makes the title a bit hard to argue.

Keep these images in mind, the next time that you try to “Man Up” with Miller Lite.

[via Buzzfeed]