Someone Is Recreating The Simpsons Kitchen In Their Own Home

Photo: Danielle Nerman/CBC
Photo: Danielle Nerman/CBC

You know the family and their garishly-colored kitchen. Now, someone has decided that they would like to eat as Homer does, and is recreating The Simpsons’ kitchen in their home.

Joe Hamilton and Marcia Andreychuk of Calgary, Alberta are huge fans of The Simpsons . So much so, that they’ve decided to remodel their kitchen with lavender and red cabinets, green appliances, and corn cob drapes.

When complete, the kitchen will be the perfect place for the couple to enjoy 64 slices of American cheese, or a Tom Collins and clove pie. See more of the project below.





[link, via Neatorama]

The Splash Cutting Board Bleeds Off Your Countertop


Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come… But The Splash Chopping Board looks as though it’s bleeding off your countertop.

Designed to remain stable while you work, the durable surface will hold up to all of your cutting needs. And, the ‘drip’ is easily removable for cleaning and storage. Available at The Foodiggity Shop, $21.99.


A Vintage Kitchen Made Entirely of Yard and Felt


Yarn-bombing is all the rage. For example, there’s a good chance that someone is yarn-bombing your house right now.

But when covering something in yarn is done in the name of art, we get something like a vintage kitchen made entirely of yarn. Brought to us by a few Australian artists, they transformed the foyer of the Warwick Art Gallery into a very fluffy and ephemeral kitchen.

From a yarn turkey and jam jars, to a crocheted stove and sink… the project was created by upwards of fifty artists and took about seven months. Your house, however, should be covered by the time you get home.







[via Junk Culture]

Skitchen, Fruits and Vegetables Skateboard and Kickflip Through The Kitchen


Skitchen, a food photography series by Paris-based artist and photographer Benoit Jammes, brings us into the secret sporting life of fruits and vegetables.

When no one is around to see it, various forms of produce nosegrind and kickflip through the kitchen. Whether it’s a banana grinding down a rolling pin, or a potato ollie — the produce appears to be having a good time, before they’re literally shredded and consumed.







[link, via Whudat]

The Baking Pot Is A Coffee Pot and A Toaster


Mornings can be hectic. And, we don’t have time for the coffee machine and the toaster being in two different places.

The Baking Pot is here to solve your morning dilemma, by getting you fed and caffeinated with one machine. Up top, a coffee pot. Underneath, a handy toaster.

This marvel of engineering is a concept brought to us by South Korean designers, Won Kang and Hyo Kang & Min Kyu. Not for sale as of yet… you’ll just have to wake up a few minutes earlier to make up for that two separate appliance issue we spoke about earlier. Damn you, mornings!!



[via Yanko Design]