How Dr. Seuss Created Green Eggs and Ham


Most are familiar with the tale of finicky eating and gibberish that is Green Eggs and Ham. However, we’ve rarely been given insight into the creative process of its author, Dr. Seuss.

Lynda Claassen, director of Special Collections & Archives at the University of California San Diego, shares the creative stash of Theodore Geisel — including sketches and color notes to the book’s printer. The collection also includes Seuss’ handwritten notes on phrasing, which he referred to as his ‘bone pile.’

We also find out how the simplistic and rhythmic phrasing of the book was the result of a bet between Geisel and the book’s publisher. Spoiler… Dr. Seuss won that bet.

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Jurassic Sweet, Dinosaurs As Delicious Desserts


When dinosaurs ruled dessert… Jurassic Sweet is brought to us by Spanish designer Alejo Malia. The illustration series shows us what it might look like if dinosaurs were combined with sweet desserts.

The T-Rex is made a bit less intimidating after being covered in pink frosting and sprinkles to become Donutsaurus Rex — while the Oreosaurus’ armor is made up of delicious sandwich cookies.

Unfortunately, the sweet dinosaurs were wiped out by hungry dinner guests accompanied by large glasses of milk.

jurassic-sweet-2 jurassic-sweet-3 jurassic-sweet-4 jurassic-sweet-5 jurassic-sweet-6

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Awesome Mom Creates Daily Art on Her Kids’ Lunch Bags


Going to school is hard… especially if you brown bag it every day. Mother of two Christy Kilgore knows this, and makes sure to create a daily work of art on her kids’ lunch bags to help brighten up their day.

Christy also makes sure to occasionally include an inspiring message along with each illustration. Remember, school, hard.






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The Size of The Planets Explained With Fruit


If you’re having trouble understanding the relative size of the planets in our solar system, a few fruits are here to help.

Space Stats is a handy infographic that represents each planet as a fruit. The result, Earth is a cherry tomato — while the biggest planet, Jupiter, is a cumbersome watermelon. Pluto, of course, was recently downgraded to a pit.


Funny Comics Series Drawn on Starbucks Coffee Cups


Cartoonist Josh Hara likes Starbucks. He also likes the blank canvas that their coffee cups provide for his comics.

His Instagram project, #100CoffeeCups, looks to place a comic on 100 coffee cups. The comics are not only creative and a wonderful use of white space, but are hilarious enough to brighten up anyone’s morning. Unless you don’t drink coffee, in which case, there is no hope for you.

Keep up with the series here.









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