A Unicorn Farting A Rainbow Cake


Unicorns may or may not exist. However, it’s a fact that they are filled with wonderful rainbows. Natalie of Sideserf Cake Studio has her facts straight, and has created the Unicorn Farting a Rainbow Cake.

The rainbow fart aside, Natalie’s attention to detail on the actual unicorn is extraordinary. She even manages to give the mystical beast a look on its face of relief and self-satisfaction at what it has done. Good job, uni.




How To Make A Fire-Breathing Dragon Fly Out Of Your Cake


Would you like a fire-breathing dragon to fly out of your castle cake? There’s an app for that.

Brought to us by How To Cook That, their Surprise Cake app will help animate any of your baked goods. So, if your kid’s cake is lacking any “wow” factor, simply install the app on your iPhone or iPad, then place the marker where you’d like the action to happen.

When viewed through your mobile device, the cake will appear to have a genuine stone interior, and a fire-breathing dragon will fly out out of it. No worries… The dragon eventually flies back in, so the birthday boy can blow out the candles. Coolest. Birthday. Ever.


This Lucky Charms Cake Is Filled With Irish Whiskey and Rainbows


Nothing says, “Irish” and “St. Patty’s Day,” quite like the colorful marbits of Lucky Charms Cereal. And, perhaps some Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Charles Phoenix agrees, and has created the Irish Whiskey Soaked Lucky Charms Cake. The cake is covered in the sugary Lucky Charms marbits, with not an oat cluster in sight. And the best part… Cutting into the cake to reveal a rainbow, and the fact that the cake is Jameson-flavored.


[link, via Blazenfluff]

Shoe Bakery, Custom Shoes Made To Look Like Cake and Other Desserts


Shoe Bakery specializes in creating high-end shoes to look like various forms of dessert. Therefore they’re also very good at making women’s heads explode.

Whether you want some red velvet on your feet, or to step out with two ice cream cones — the Shoe Bakery appears capable of making the sweetest footwear imaginable.

But these awesome dessert shoes will not come cheap, as a pair would cost anywhere from $200-$400. Extra sprinkles are free.








[link, via Miss Cakehead]