Shoe Bakery, Custom Shoes Made To Look Like Cake and Other Desserts


Shoe Bakery specializes in creating high-end shoes to look like various forms of dessert. Therefore they’re also very good at making women’s heads explode.

Whether you want some red velvet on your feet, or to step out with two ice cream cones — the Shoe Bakery appears capable of making the sweetest footwear imaginable.

But these awesome dessert shoes will not come cheap, as a pair would cost anywhere from $200-$400. Extra sprinkles are free.








[link, via Miss Cakehead]

The Conversation Heart Piñata Cake


Poor conversation hearts… So iconic, yet so inedible. However, if you stuff a bunch of them inside a giant version made of cake — suddenly they’re pretty awesome.

Brought to us by Beth Jackson from Hungry Happenings, the Conversation Heart Piñata Cake is a giant request to “Be Mine.” And, it’s filled with little hearts that’ll help keep the conversation going all night long. Amirite?

[link, via Neatorama]

The Greatest Hobbit Hole Cake That You’ll See Today


One lucky little Lord of The Rings fan got the ultimate birthday treat with The Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake.

Created by New Jersey-based cake artists Pink Cake Box — the Hobbit home is so well-done and adorable, you’d swear that there were tiny little hobbits and an old wizard inside. Mmmm… Gandalfy.

[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

Cake Mail Is The Very Best Mail


E-mail had a good run… But cake mail is now where it’s at. Never will friends or family immediately dispose of your snail mail, as long as it resembles a delicious slice of cake.

Making your own is easy, as demonstrated by Sandra Denneler over at Use a delicious-looking slice to send a postcard from vacation, just to say hi, or try to attach those divorce papers to it. They can’t ignore you forever.



[link, via TAXI]