Cake Mail Is The Very Best Mail


E-mail had a good run… But cake mail is now where it’s at. Never will friends or family immediately dispose of your snail mail, as long as it resembles a delicious slice of cake.

Making your own is easy, as demonstrated by Sandra Denneler over at Use a delicious-looking slice to send a postcard from vacation, just to say hi, or try to attach those divorce papers to it. They can’t ignore you forever.



[link, via TAXI]

Twitter Cake


After the success of her previous social media-related cake, Ann from How To Cook That is back with the Twitter Cake.

Although the process of creating one is a bit involved — a sweet logo awaits once the cake is cut into. Please RT, and try to keep yours under 140 calories.


Die Hard Christmas Cake


What some people may not realize, is that Die Hard is actually a Christmas movie — a bloody, explosion and terrorist-filled Christmas movie. So, when Lou Lou P’s Delights was asked to make a cake based on their favorite Christmas movie, they made the Die Hard Christmas Cake.

Portraying a barefoot and bloodied John McClane with explosion backdrop, the cake will help get you in the holiday spirit. And in that spirit, let us say, ‘Yippee Ki Yay,’ cake eaters!!




The Greatest Animated Donkey Kong Wedding Cake That You’ll See Today


If you’re reaaaallly into Donkey Kong, and you have the most understanding of fiancees, perhaps a Donkey Kong Projector Cake is right for your wedding. Sure, you could just have a cake artist pipe on some ladders and barrels, and create a cake topper of Mario and Peach — but Mario wouldn’t actually climb the tiers.

The animated cake is brought to us by Posh Entertainment, a DJ and lighting company, and Meals for Reals who actually made the cake. Quarters up if you want a slice.

[link, via Neatorama]

Breaking Bad Gingerbread Meth Lab


Brought to us by Sugarplum Cake Shop, the Breaking Bad Gingerbread Meth Lab will help get you into the Christmas and chemistry spirit.

It even comes complete with candy blue meth, and a DEA snowman ready to ruin Walter White’s holiday.

[link, via Miss Cakehead]