The Greatest Life-Sized Unicorn Cake That You’ll See Today


Unicorns apparently do not exist. But if they did, they’d be about the size of this Life-Sized Unicorn Cake by Miss Cakehead and The Tattooed Bakers.

The attention to detail is rather impressive. Considering that an actual unicorn, from what we’re led to believe, would also be filled with delicious rainbows. So they pretty much nailed it.

The delicious uni was only part of entire landscape created for Baketopia in London — since eaten.






Half Batman Wedding Cake Is All Awesome


When the groom gets involved with wedding planning, stuff like a Half-Batman Wedding Cake is bound to happen.

Brought to us by Stiletto Studio in New Zealand, the cake was created for the wedding of a hardcore Batman fan [obvs], and one of the most understanding brides on the planet. Good luck on the honeymoon to Hawaii and Gotham.

[link, via Incredible Things]

Indiana Jones Monkey Brain Cake


Indiana Jones went on some crazy adventures — perhaps one too many. But one of his biggest challenges, must’ve been the time he courageously dined on a dessert of chilled monkey brains.

To help remind us of Indy’s heroism, Linda from Bubble and Sweet created the Monkey Brain Cake. Although the process of making a chilled monkey brain cake is an arduous one — it will be the perfect ending to your night of snake surprise and eye soup.

[link, via Neatorama]

Release The Kraken Cake


If you’re going to help promote a kraken-themed rum — then an enormous tentacle cake makes perfect sense. In honor of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum, a 30-ft. fake tentacle was created on Port Meirion Beach.

Meanwhile, a replica cake was waiting nearby, where it was promptly eaten by a few beachcombers and dudes dressed as ‘Kraken Hunters.’


Tentacle on beach


Tentacle cake



[via Cakehead Loves Evil and TAXI]

The Greatest Cake That Is Also A Zoetrope That You’ll See Today

Phytopage by Alexandre Dubosc

A cake is just a cake… Unless that cake is a spin away from becoming an animated masterpiece. Phytopage is a zoetrope cake by artist Alexandre Dubosc – as he pays homage to the lost art of print. Please watch this…

[via Laughing Squid]