Recycled Tennis Racquet Bottle Opener

Tennis and booze, anyone? Brought to us by Uncommon Goods, the Recycled Tennis Racquet Bottle Opener will put those antiquated wooden racquets to good use again. Perfect for the tennis and imported beer fan, each bottle opener is unique.

No worries — you should be at least a few cases in before you get tennis elbow.


Dive Into a Chocolate Fondue Muffin

Cutting up muffins for your fondue is for suckers. Turn that muffin into the actual dipping pot, with this neat idea by French design firm Miit. Just be sure to warn any unsuspecting muffin eaters before they go biting into the fondue pot.

[link, via Neatorama]

Help Make Foodiggity Even Awesomer

As our fourth year of existence fast approaches, is looking to take our humble little food culture site to the next level. And, we couldn’t do what we do without the people. So we look to you, fans of Foodiggity, to take a minute and get surveyed.

Not only will it help improve Foodiggity, but we’re hoping for a bit of an ego boost, and to finally find out why we get so much hate mail.

Thanks in advance… Head over to the survey here.


The Cupcake Booty Buddy Is Here To Help

For the cupcake and poncho lover with a complete lack of self-awareness, The Cupcake Booty Buddy is here to help. Made to look like a giant cupcake, the confectionery-inspired muumuu will keep you warm and snug — presumably while you eat cupcakes.

For the full effect, and to scare away any remaining loved ones, you can put on the cherry topping hood. Now that’s the icing on the crazy cake.

[link, via Incredible Things]

Disney Park Food Air Fresheners

Along with the photos, Mickey ears, and near-permanent smiles — you can now take home some of your favorite smells from your Disney vacation. Disney Park Air Fresheners are made to look and smell like some classic foods from Disney World and Disneyland.

The four air fresheners, that will be available at each theme park, include the infamous Frontierland turkey leg, Mickey Ice Cream Bar, Minnie Candy Apple, and Mickey Waffle. And, if Disney cuisine isn’t your thing, treat yourself to the Pirates of the Caribbean Stale Water Air Freshener* or the Three Hours In Line Scent of Humanity Potpourri*.

*these may or may not exist.

[link, via Laughing Squid]