Have a Cigar

“We’re so happy we can hardly count.” ~ P. Floyd

Here at foodiggity, we’ve recently had a lot of exciting things going on. The biggest news however, is the latest addition to the foodiggity family.

Although she cannot write or pick up her own head yet, we are proud to announce the arrival of a baby girl to Chris’ family. This of course will take up some of the time usually reserved for weekly posts and wiseass commentary, so foodiggity will be taking a short hiatus.

In the meantime, please feel free to peruse our featured posts, and past recipes and reviews. We can also still be found wasting time on Twitter in-between feedings and poopie diapers.

Look for some exciting changes to foodiggity.com upon our return. In addition to our original material, we will be adding a daily link feature, and our first set of guest posts. So, we’re pretty psyched.

Stay tuned.


The 30 Rock Sandwich | Fiore’s Deli

The infamous ’30 Rock Sandwich.’ After this episode aired, the origin of the sandwich had been shrouded in mystery. Did it actually exist? Where? Who? How do I get one just like Liz Lemon did? Long rumored to originate from Brooklyn, it was finally revealed by an inside source, that it hailed from none other than Hoboken, NJ — Foodiggity’s neck of the woods.

As part of his 93 Plates project, ‘The Wandering Foodie’ Hagan Blount and I were heading into Hoboken, and we had Fiore’s Roast Beef Special on the brain. Today is our Sandwich Day… God bless us indeed!

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Hash Throwdown | Amanda’s in Hoboken

Here at foodiggity, we were psyched to be invited to participate in The Wandering Foodie’s 93 Plates Project. It was also cool that Hagan would be heading across the river from NYC to hang with some ‘bridge and tunnelers’ here in New JerseyAmanda’s in Hoboken is legendary for its brunch and is consistently rated one of the most romantic restaurants in Hoboken… This could get awkward.

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