Adorable Kids’ Meals by Samantha Lee


Here we go again, encouraging you to play with your food. But this series of kids’ meals by Samantha Lee is way too awesome and adorable to pass up.

The meals were originally created as a fun way to get her daughter to eat — even if the poor girl had to bite the heads off of characters such as Snoopy and Batman. The series has since spawned one of the more popular Instagram accounts of its kind, with over 224,000 followers. See more from Lee’s awesome project here.





[link, via TAXI]

Portraits of Famous People Made With Spilled Food and Drinks


French artist Vivi Mac spills drinks and food on purpose to create portraits of famous figures. The series, officially-titled Art Ephemere, includes The Mona Lisa in barbecue sauce, and a Chocolate Milk Gandhi that are near flawless — albeit messy. And, don’t cry, but there’s a Bruce Lee in spilled milk.

See a lot more food art from Vivi Mac at her Facebook page.





[link, via TAXI]

How To Make Animal Corn On The Cob Holders


If you have some old toy animals laying around, and need to keep your cob in place, Animal Corn Holders are here to help. Inspired by a previous ceramic version, Mike over at Instructables came up with a fun plastic alternative.

All you’ll need is the aforementioned toy animals, some store-bought corn holders and a few other tools. The best part… You can put the animal back together when they don’t have a huge cob in place of their body.




[link, via Laughing Squid]

Signfeld, Posters About Nothing


If nonstop Seinfeld reruns aren’t enough to fill your daily quote quota, Signfeld is here to help. The beautifully-designed and printed posters display some of the most memorable and inane quotes from the show about nothing. Posters for you!! Check them out here.






Follow Me Bring Beer, Custom Flip-Flops


It’s almost flip-flop weather. And, rather than being an open-toed nuisance with your incessant flipping and flopping, you could send a message with “Follow Me Bring Beer” Flip-Flops.

The custom footwear is brought to us by Etsy member FlipSideFlipFlops, who will actually create any message that you’d like to embed in the sand. But let’s face it… A request to bring beer is one that people will certainly abide. Even from someone wearing flip-flops.

[link, via Cool Material]