Sushi Cats Are The Unicorns of Japan


Here in ‘merica, cats are nothing more than a poor substitution for a dog. In Japan, when placed atop a bed of sushi rice, cats become Neko-Sushi – a majestic creature akin to a unicorn. Still, dogs rule.

Created by Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts, prints of the Sushi Cats are available for purchase, as well as a mobile app for some reason.




[link, via TAXI]

How Humans Eat Their Food


In response to a video where humans make fun of how animals eat their food, a few cartoon animals have responded with a video of their own – How Humans Eat Their Food.

But a warning… Cartoon animals can be racist dicks. Enjoy.

[link, via The Awesomer]

Famous Works of Art Recreated on Toast


The Art Toast Project gives boring toasted bread a much-needed upgrade. Brought to us by Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes – famous works by Monet, Van Gogh, Pollock and others are recreated using various food items with toast as the canvas.

And it’s all documented on Instagram… See more of the project here.






[link, via Laughing Squid]

A Donut Camera That Takes Instagram-Like Photos


You’ve probably taken your share of donut pictures on Instagram. Now you can take those pseudo-vintage pics WITH a donut. The Doughnut Camera is a 3-megapixel chocolate-frosted digital camera.

Use the included color filter options to make your pics appear old-school, or shoot some retro-looking video. Although a Japanese product, it is available internationally here.



[link, via Design Taxi]

Free T-Shirts at The Foodiggity Shop


The Foodiggity Shop is clearing out the rest of its t-shirt inventory to make room for our first wave of Foodiggity-branded merchandise. And, you could help us with some of the housecleaning.

It’s simple… If your order with The Foodiggity Shop is $30 or more — simply add a shirt of your choice to the cart, apply coupon ‘freeteeme’ and it’s on us. A limited supply of our quirky food-related torso coverage is still available – so start grabbing some stuff quick.

And, be sure to keep a lookout for our shamelessly self-promotional Foodiggity t-shirts when they’re in. All the cool kids will be wearing one.