The Pot Holder Will Help Hold Your Special Brownies

Whether you’re making your special brownies or some must-have mac and cheese, the Pot Holder is here to help. 100% silicone and dishwasher safe, the Pot Holder will help get a firm grip on that hot brownie tray.

Or, you can rest a pot on it while you go and do other things… Perhaps some pot.

Available at The Foodiggity Shop.

Weed-Infused Nutella Exists


There was once a time when weed begat Nutella — making the hazelnut spread a must have when the munchies kicked in. Now, thanks to Organicares – a medical marijuana dispensary in San Jose, CA — Nugtella contains your high and munchie-fix in one jar.

Of course, the hash oil-infused Nutella isn’t available commercially — only available to very lucky holders of a California State Medical Marijuana Card. It’s like a very liberal and modern day version of Goober Grape – the pioneers of putting two awesome things in one jar.


[via First We Feast]

The Colorado Special: The Pot Holder on Sale at The Foodiggity Shop

Congratulations, Colorado. You have once again proven to be one of the grooviest States in the Union, by officially legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The Foodiggity Shop wants to help celebrate this historic event by putting our beloved Pot Holder on sale.

Now, Coloradans can protect their hands and countertops, while legally making their special brownies. And, for anyone outside of Colorado, you could still enjoy a new Pot Holder to bake with — even though you’re a naughty little law-breaker. We won’t judge.

Available at The Foodiggity Shop.

Drug Cupcakes

Cupcakes… It only makes sense that they are finally represented for what they are — a highly addictive gateway dessert. This was probably a fun party.

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