Bird Illustrations Made From Food


A Tribute to Budgie is a creative illustration series by food stylist Anna Keville Joyce. Created with all edible items, Joyce arranges them on plates, with the ingredients close by. Just so you don’t have to ask what’s in your bird food.




[link, via TAXI]

Decoding Your Menu, A Fun Illustrated Guide For Restaurant Patrons


If those little icons on your restaurant menu get confusing, it’s ok. Illustrator Gemma Correll is here to help, with a handy illustrated guide, Decoding your Menu.

Although you’ll probably never get to see a pentagram, which would allow you to pick from a Heavy Metal Menu… You never know when you’ll need to be careful about your Peanuts™ allergy.


Meat and Cheese Packaging That Tells You The Part of The Animal You’re Getting


When shopping for meat at the supermarket, it’s easy enough to grab whatever the “Manager’s Special” is, and to not pay much attention to exactly what parts you’re buying.

Corella, a small meat and cheese store in Spain, commissioned Fauna to rethink their brand. With fun and education in mind, the minimalist packaging provides a handy diagram of what part of the animal you’ll be buying.

Even the cheeses will make you smarter. Just in case you didn’t know the type of animal it comes from from, and where on its body. Perhaps sometimes it’s best not to know. 

pork-corella2-16-14-CORELLA-4 pork-2-corella cow-2-corellameat-packaging-3

[via Dieline]

If Ordering A Sandwich Were Like Dealing With A Cable Company


The news that Time Warner Cable and Comcast were merging has not set well with customers, or anyone else who doesn’t like decisions made for them.

However… What if other businesses worked like the cable company? After seeing this comic by Nathan Yaffe at College Humor, let’s just be glad that being force-fed will be limited to only what comes out of your TV.


[link, via 22 Words]

Pasta Shapes For The Depressed


If you don’t know your farfalle from your fettucini, don’t despair. However, if you really couldn’t care less either way — about anything — then you might be able to relate to Pasta Shapes For The Depressed.

Created by artist Gemma Correll, the illustration comes up with fun names for noodles, for those who may have lost interest in pasta night. Just make sure to get the sauce right for your Downward Spirals.

[link, via That’s Nerdalicious]