Fast Food Logos, But Fatter


That’s How I See It is a re-imagining of some fast food and drink logos, with some painfully truthful results.

Brought to us by Saudi Arabian graphic designer, Adelbanfeel, he does a redo on a few famous icons, but fattens them up. Similar to the way these companies’ products fatten up humans. Take that, skinny golden arches and svelte Colonel Sanders…

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[link, via TAXI]

Tasting Play-Doh: Expectation vs Reality


As kids, we couldn’t help ourselves… Play-Doh forced us to create fake burgers and spaghetti made of the stuff. And, with the bright colors and non-threatening smell, some Doh was gonna to get eaten.

The Oatmeal puts this experience and sad reality check into perspective.


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What Your Style Of Beer Says About You


We once thought that our preferred style of eggs offered a good glimpse into our psyche. It turns out that beer psychology is where it’s at, and What Your Style Of Beer Says About You is here to prove it.

So, are you a ‘bitter’ person? A naturalist who enjoys their unfiltered wheat beer? Or, perhaps you’re a light lager drinker? In which case, we’re sorry, you may need some help. Regardless, just make sure to have the right opener.

[link... Thanks, Kermit Kerwin]

Check Please! A Collection Of Art On Guest Checks


Guest Checks is an art series and website dedicated to illustration on restaurant guest checks. Now, like most things that are awesome, the series has become a book. Check Please! is an aggregation of these illustrations, combined into a 9″ by 9″ book that would improve upon any coffee table.

Illustrator and author of the book, John “Super Ugly” Williams, has started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise production costs. Great incentives are offered to those who participate, including guest check t-shirts and prints from the illustrators. Check out the project here, please.

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[link, thanks Super Ugly]

Sushi Chef Rolls Up Awesome Illustrations


Using rice and seaweed as his medium, sushi chef Tama-chan rolls up beautiful illustrations. Keep in mind that the patterns must be carried all the way through the sushi roll and fully-realized before they’re rolled and sliced. Awesome work.




[link, via TAXI]