A Series of Vitamin Letters Made From Foods That Contain Them

vitaminsLithuanian artist Andy Diak created a fun typography series, Vitamins. The letters and numbers represent vitamins and minerals, e.g. A, C, K, Zinc, etc., and are made up of foods that contain the most of each.

Citrus and peppers make up a C, while Zinc (Zn) is created with beans and seeds. See more of the delicious typography here.

vitamins-2 vitamins-3 vitamins-4 vitamins-5 vitamins-6 vitamins-7 vitamins-8 vitamins-9



Chocolatexture, Chocolates That Represent Onomatopoeic Japanese Words Used To Describe Texture


When we think of chocolate, the words “yum” and “gimme more” often come to mind. However, when an artist such as Oki Sato designs a set of chocolates, they tend to say a bit more… but still “yum.”

When Sato was asked to design chocolates by Maison et Objet, the pre-eminent design show in France, he came up with Chocolatexture. The series represents Japanese words that are used to describe the way objects look and feel. It’s OK… I had to Google “onomatopoeic” too.

Four-hundred sets of Chocolatexture were created, and will be sold during the event in Paris starting Jan. 23.



ツブツブ (tsubu tsubu): a word for small bits or drops



スベスベ (sube sube): smooth edges and corners



トゲトゲ (toge toge): sharp pointed tips



ザラザラ (zara zara): granular like a file



ゴロゴロ (goro goro): cubic, with many edges



フワフワ (fuwa fuwa): soft and airy with many tiny holes


ポキポキ (poki poki): a delicate frame or structure


ザクザク (zaku zaku): makes a crunching sounds, like when you step on ice

[link via Spoon & Tamago]

Streetwear and Fashion Logos Recreated With Food


Last we heard from food artist Tisha Cherry, she was making awesome Oreo art. Cherry is back with a series of edible streetwear and fashion brand logos.

Supreme is recreated as a supreme pizza, Nike is painstakingly made from coffee beans, and Tokyo-based A Bathing Ape is made from sushi.

If you’re noticing a theme here, it’s because Cherry is purposely using ingredients synonymous with the brand’s home state, country or city. See more below or at Cherry’s Instagram account here.

tisha-cherry-02 tisha-cherry-03 tisha-cherry-05

[link, via BOOOOOOOM! and Miss Bish]

Italian Food As Chairs


The only thing better than sitting down for a good Italian meal, would be if we could sit on a good Italian meal.

Artist Haris Jusovic teases this concept, rendering some traditional Italian food items as chairs. Imagine sitting on a crispy fried egg for breakfast. Lunch would have you sitting back on a gooey pizza chair.

Now we just need a gnocchi pillow for our post-meal nap.





[link, via Apartment Therapy]

Fast Food and Junk Food Photographed As Renaissance Paintings


It takes quite a bit to make fast food aesthetically-pleasing. Luckily, there was a little something called the Renaissance, which could help make anything from creepy man-babies to sub-par cheeseburgers look good.

Photographer Rebecca Rütten has taken advantage of the art movement, and has prettied-up some fast food with Contemporary Pieces. The photography series, inspired by the look of Renaissance paintings, poses a few still-lifes and cloaked subjects holding fast food.

Thankfully, there’s no man-babies eating McNuggets.







[link, via Junk Culture]