The Meat Towel Will Help Dry You Off


If you’re in need of a shower after a serious dose of meat sweats, you can stick with a theme and dry off with the Meat Towel.

The Niku Towel (meat towel) comes packaged in butcher paper for the full effect. Wrap one around you after your much-needed shower. Or, use them as your guest towels to annoy your vegetarian friends.

Made in Japan. Meaty.





These Cookies Will Make You Feel Bad About The Ones You Make


New York-based pastry chef, Amber Spiegel, makes beautiful cookies. And not just beautifully-shaped, or having the perfect cookie-to-chocolate chip ratio — but rather, each cookie being a true work of art.

See the cookie artist in action below. Keeping in mind that each one takes up to 45 minutes to create, and will probably take about 3.2 seconds to consume.

[link, via Colossal]

How Famous Artists Would Plate A Thanksgiving Meal


Vincent van Gogh

In a few weeks, most Americans will sit down for a Thanksgiving Day dinner. And, segmenting the standard turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and green beans — not just throwing it all in one big pile — will be as creative as we get with our plating.

Luckily, artist Hannah Rothstein has taken the creativity a bit further, by imagining what a Thanksgiving meal might look like if it were plated by a famous artist. The standard fare is arranged as if Vincent van Gogh himself was your host — as well as entries from Rothko, Pollock, Mondrian and others.


Piet Mondrian


René Magritte


Andy Warhol


Georges Seurat


Jackson Pollock


Mark Rothko


Pablo Picasso

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Mother Makes Sunny-Side-Up Egg Art For Her Kids’ Breakfasts


In most homes, you get one choice for eggs… scrambled. And, they’re never made into awesome food art.

Hong Kong-based mom, Anne Widya, is here to change that. Although her kids’ eggs are also made just one way, they’re the far superior sunny-side-up. And, rather than placing one egg alone on a plate, the egg is accompanied by a work of art. Scrambled eggs can’t do that.




[link, via Laughing Squid]

Jabba’s Bounty, Pop Culture Characters Frozen In Chocolate Carbonite


Artist Henry Hargreaves, via his latest project Jabba’s Bounty, created two things. One, an alternate universe where Jabba The Hutt puts out a bounty on various pop culture characters. The other one is those same characters turned into edible carbonite chocolate bars.

Using some of his favorite childhood action figures, Hargreaves created molds, poured in some milk chocolate, and applied edible silver paint for the full effect.

Karma tells us that we should be seeing a Boba Fett bar. But, according to the Sarlac, he doesn’t taste so good.

jabbas-bounty-2 jabbas-bounty-3 jabbas-bounty-4 jabbas-bounty-in-process-5

[link, via First We Feast]