Holiday Horror, Fangoria Magazine’s Ad Campaign Featuring Gingerbread Men Death


To help get into the Christmas spirit, or to help encourage your disdain for the holiday, ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo created an ad campaign “featuring cute gingerbread men doing horrible things to one another.”

The series was created as a holiday promotion for horror magazine Fangoria, and includes “Death by Cheese Grater,” Death by Rolling Pin,” and “Death by Toaster.” What, no death by Ninja attack?



[link, via Laughing Squid]

The Fruitcake Cocktail Will Help Get You Into The Christmas Spirit


It’s Christmas time, and fruitcakes are inevitable. Since booze makes everything better — especially Christmas and fruitcake — let’s enjoy this holiday staple in drink form.

Brought to us by Instructables member, AngryRedhead, the Fruitcake Cocktail is a fun concoction that will certainly help take the edge off during any mandatory family time.

The recipe includes a mix of Frangelico, Brandy, Wedding Cake Vodka, Amaretto, and a few other liquors you might have laying around the house. So, get mixin’ and happy holidays.


Santa Claus Meatloaf


Ho, ho… Oh no!! The Santa Claus Meatloaf is brought to us by Chef Charles Phoenix. Complete with meat face, ketchup hat, and mashed potato beard — it’s the perfect recipe you can try out to help ruin Christmas for everyone.

Especially the kids, who were going to stay up late waiting for this scary meat guy to come sliding down their chimney.

[link, via Incredible Things]

A Stripeless Flavorless Candy Cane



Feeling scroogy this year? The Bah Humbug Candy Cane will help get you in the spirit of being a downer. No stripes, no flavor, no fun… Just the way you take your Christmas, Ebenezer.


[link, via Incredible Things]

The Eggnog Project, A Collection of Questionably-Designed Egg Nog Cartons


If you’ll be getting your nog on this Christmas, and have trouble deciding between egg nog brands, try not to be swayed by the fancy packaging. Actually, without anyone ever realizing, egg nog packaging has consistently been some of the most garish and questionably-designed food packaging at the supermarket.

The Egg Nog Project, by designer Madeleine Eiche, is a collection of these crimes against graphic design and color theory. The nog cartons seen in the series range from the slightly garish and laughably minimalistic, to mind-numbingly ugly. Ehh, nothing a little rum can’t fix.









[link, via Laughing Squid]