Cotton Candy Oreos Exist


Although we may have already witnessed the apex of alternative Oreo flavors with Red Velvet, it appears that we now have a contender for close second.

Images of Cotton Candy Oreos have leaked, which means that we are on a fast track to an upgrade in the snack aisle. And, it appears that the creme-filling is both blue and pink — so the boys and girls don’t have to fight over them. Even though, both colors are merely sugar-flavored. Now we wait.

[via The Verge]

Sushi Towels Are The Best Way To Dry Off


If you’re in need of the yummiest-looking and most stylish way to dry stuff off, look no further than Sushi Towels.

Whether you’re in the mood for a tuna roll, or want to wipe off the dishes with a Tamago, there’s a handy guide that lets you know how to create each.

Sushi Towels are currently a concept by industrial designer, Jenny Pokryvailo, that’s been submitted to OTOTO. So, hopefully they’ll be a beautiful and absorbent reality soon.



KFC Releases Edible Coffee Cups, Inexplicably Not Made Of Fried Chicken


KFC UK figures that your coffee-drinking experience doesn’t need to end, just because your cup is empty. Therefore, Edible KFC Coffee Cups are now a thing.

Unfortunately, these ingestible drinking vessels, officially called ‘Scoffee cups,’ are not made of fried chicken. The cups with the cringe-inducing name are actually a base of cookie, wrapped in sugar paper, and lined with a layer of glorious white chocolate.

So, to the average onlooker, it appears to be a regular ol’ coffee cup. That is until the coffee is gone and you start chowing down. No mention if an edible KFC Bucket is in the works. Now we wait.



[via Eater]

Finally, A Coffee Mug That Will Protect Your Mustache When You Drink


If you’re a dapper mustachioed gentleman, who often partakes in mugged beverages, the Bucardo Moustache Mug is here to help.

The 13-oz. mug features original artwork by Southern California artist Jeff McMillan. The included guard spans the rim of the mug, and will help protect a gentlemen’s stache whilst he drinks his organic fair trade coffee or Yerba mate tea.



Cat Eclairs Because Japan


To help celebrate Japan’s National Cat Day, which coincidentally is also Ninja Day, six adorable Cat Eclairs were created.

Brought to us by Caroline & Laura’s Tea Break, the cats are made to not only be totally adorbz, but they’re positioned to hold various treats. The only thing better would be ninja cat eclairs… or Burt Reynolds.



[link, via Neatorama]