There’s a Pop-Tart Beer Now


As beer inches closer to becoming a socially acceptable breakfast, a Pop-Tart-inspired beer makes perfect sense.

Created by 21st Amendment Brewery, Toaster Pastry India Style Red Ale will help get the day started. Although a 7.6% ABV and 74 IBU isn’t terribly morning-friendly — it’s nothing some extra frosting and sprinkles can’t fix.

The Toaster Pastry beer will be released on August 29th, as part of 21st Amendment’s launch of their new brew facility in San Leandro, CA.

[link, via Food and Wine]

Sushi Cupcakes Exist Because Japan


Here’s proof, that if you allow a food trend to hang around long enough, stuff like Sushi Cupcakes is bound to happen. We only have ourselves to blame.

Brought to us by Mosogourmet, the ‘cupcakes’ are made by forming raw fish and rice into temarizushi (sushi balls).

The best part, if there needs to be one, is that the cupcake wrapper is edible nori. Actually, this look kinda awesome. Want.



[link, via designtaxi]

Turn Any Refrigerator Into A Giant Game Boy With FreezerBoy Magnets


Move the kids’ drawings and schoolwork off the fridge. It’s time for those who grew up with one-color unlit game screens to enjoy the refrigerator’s exterior for once.

FreezerBoy, a set of six magnets, is the refrigerator art that’ll help us feel nostalgic while reducing all that clutter. The large magnets fit easily on any fridge, and can be removed anytime — just in case you’d like to play the washing machine, or any other metallic surface.

Then you’ll just have to explain to the kids why they can’t have their schoolwork on the fridge… if they can look away from their iPads for just a minute.



This Rorschach Test Wedding Cake Will Help Analyze The Groom


Would you like to really know what the groom is thinking? Although, you should probably have him analyzed before you accept the ring, there’s still a good opportunity at the reception, with the Rorschach Test Wedding Cake.

Designed by Virginia-based Rebekah Naomi Cake Design, the three-tiered wedding cake is not only aesthetically-pleasing, but will help give some insight into how this marriage might go. No mention if this particular groom passed the test.


[link, via When Geeks Wed]