Girl Scout Cookies-Scented Candles Exist


Girl Scout cookie season comes and goes so fast. So, why not fill your home with the scent of Girls Scout cookies to help get you through the lean times?

Girl Scout Cookie Candles are brought to us by the ultimate creators of smell-tease, Yankee Candle. You can choose the smell of Thin Mints, Trefoils, Coconut Caramel Stripes (Samoas), and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Grab a few candles to help remind yourself that the actual cookies will be here soon. Or, light up a candle as you chow down on the actual cookies. In which case, you might have a bit of a problem.

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[link, via Food and Wine]

Bud Light’s Super Bowl Commercial Featuring a Real-Life Game of Pac-Man


Bud Light, in their endless quest to get you to drink their diet beer-like beverage, has gone old-school with their #UpForWhatever campaign, creating a real-life game of Pac-Man.

The new commercial, that will run sometime during Super Bowl XLIX, features a bar patron just looking to score a beer. What the unsuspecting drinker doesn’t realize, is that he’ll have to earn his Bud Light by collecting power pellets and dodging giant ghosts.

His reward… minor internet fame, a shiny new Bud Light, and possibly a giant piece of fruit to take home for a snack. Please watch this…

[link, via Cool Material]

The Cucumbo Will Help Create Spirals of Deliciousness


When boring old slices of cucumbers and zucchini just won’t do, there’s the Cucumbo Spiral Slicer. Designed to look like a large colorful bolt, simply impale a tubular vegetable in the Cucumbo and twist.

The result… a continuous slice that will add a little something to your salad, or any other dishes that could use an edible slinky.

The Cucumbo is available in green at The Foodiggity Shop.

cucumbo-2 cucumbo-3 cucumbo-4


A Series of Vitamin Letters Made From Foods That Contain Them

vitaminsLithuanian artist Andy Diak created a fun typography series, Vitamins. The letters and numbers represent vitamins and minerals, e.g. A, C, K, Zinc, etc., and are made up of foods that contain the most of each.

Citrus and peppers make up a C, while Zinc (Zn) is created with beans and seeds. See more of the delicious typography here.

vitamins-2 vitamins-3 vitamins-4 vitamins-5 vitamins-6 vitamins-7 vitamins-8 vitamins-9



Haggis Pops, For Traditional Scottish Eats On The Go


If you absolutely have to eat sheep innards, but don’t have time to sit down for a proper meal, or you just prefer all of your food on a stick… Haggis Pops are here to help.

The traditional Scottish fare has never been more convenient — as Instructables user PenfoldPlant shows us, by creating wonderful sheep-gut lollies.

So, if you’re a Scotsman on-the-go, you can find the handy tutorial to make your own Haggis Pops here.