Pangraph, A Spirograph For Pancakes


Why make boring round pancakes, when you can enjoy yummy math spirals? Nathan of Saipancakes is back with his brand of above-average flapjacks, and something called the Pangraph.

Inspired by the Spirograph, a toy originally released the 60s, Nathan constructed his own version of the contraption that would hold his pancake batter dispenser, and fit right over his pan.

The results are nothing short of awesome. And Pangraphcakes are much more satisfying than the multi-colored pen spirals that you created as a kid. Now we just need a spiraly thingy to apply the syrup.



Shark Pancakes


Is it Shark Week yet? Because, we might already know what we’re having for breakfast. Shark Pancakes are brought to us by pancake artist Nathan Shields of Saipancakes.

Butter up a Mako or Hammerhead, add syrup and dive in. If you’ll be trying a Great White, we’re gonna need a bigger plate.

[link, via Neatorama]

Reindeer Pancakes

Reindeer pancakes[5]

You know the song… So you know Rudolph and all of the reindeers that wouldn’t let him join in their games. Now, they’re all pancakes.

Brought to us by pancake artist, Nathan Shields of Saipancakes, all of Santa’s reindeer are accounted for, and ready for some much-needed butter and syrup. On, pancakes!!

[link, via Neatorama]

Pancake Treehouse


Most kids, at least the cool ones, dream about nothing more than treehouses and pancakes. Nathan of Saipancakes is here to make all their little dreams come true, with The Magic Treehouse made of pancakes.

The best part, besides the fact that the treehouse gets along marvelously with syrup, is that it’s completely interactive. Just bring your own pancake action figures. And syrup.

pancake models[6]

[link, via Neatorama]

The Hobbit Pancakes


Make a hobbit of eating a good breakfast… Saipancakes gets all middle-earthy with The Hobbit Pancakes — including a few of the more memorable characters from the new film. Gollum is even included to help scare the crap out of a few halflings in the morning.

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[link, via Neatorama]