Eat Me: Appetite For Design

The original intent of Food Art Friday was to try to showcase one artist working in a specific medium. However, if we were to find an aggregation of the best food art over the past few years, packaged as a giant sugar wafer — we’d be willing to make an exception.

Eat Me: Appetite For Design, designed by viction:ary, is a celebration of food as an art medium. Whether it’s packaging design, branding, or interiors — Eat Me supplies sweet layers of the best food-inspired art available. Eat Me: Appetite For Design is currently available at Amazon.

Eating is no longer a pure experience of smell and taste but rather an effective agency to communicate and engage, an indication of cultural values, lifestyle, artisanship, criticism, aspirations and imagination this present day.

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Transforming a Coke Bottle Into Art by Eric Barclay

Covered here before at Foodiggity, Eric Barclay uses his signature style to repurpose packaging into beautiful and playful works of art. His latest work tells the story of Ranjit and Indira, using matte acrylic and utilizing the contours of the package — in this case, a 2-liter Coke bottle.

Ranjit and his elephant Indira
Carried the orphans through tiger country
And the tiger through people country
As they journeyed to the Valley
Of Never Ending Happiness

[linkthanks Eric and Kirsten]

Sweet! The Paintings of Joël Penkman

Walnut Whips, Egg tempera on gesso board

Joël Penkman is a fine artist and graphic designer that we’ve featured here before on Food Art Friday. Seen in some of her latest work, the signature style remains — food item on stark gray background, and good enough to encourage paint-eating.

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Oh Beautiful Beer, The Best Graphic Design From Around the Brewery World

Oh, how far we have come as beer people — especially here in the US. So it only makes sense that while brewers continue to increase the quality of their beer, that they would start paying more attention to the aesthetics of their brand.

Oh Beautiful Beer thinks so, and showcases the best graphic design from around the brewery world. From the best in beer advertising and apparel, to the best looking tap handles, Oh Beautiful Beer finds the finest eye candy to go with your brew.

[link, via AdWeek]

Star Wars Evian Bottles

With water made from the finest glaciers on Hoth, Star Wars by Evian will keep you hydrated under the hot suns of Tatooine. Actually, the series of high-end water bottles is a student project by Mandy Brencys – depicting minimalist versions of the cast, and designed to be wielded like a light saber.

[link, via The Dieline]