Coffinger, Instant Coffee Packaging Helps You Use Your Finger as a Stirrer

We’ve all been there — having to use our finger to stir our coffee. Coffinger, an instant coffee packaging concept, actually supports our laziness. The design by Jaeyong Lee provides a convenient and eco-friendly solution when there’s no stirrer to be found, or when you’re in no mood to go digging for a spoon.

Simply tear the packaging, add coffee to hot water, turn the packaging inside-out over your finger, and stir. The inside of the Coffinger packaging is aluminum-coated — creating a sanitary and eco-friendly alternative to a non-biodegradable stirrer or your dirty digit.

For an even more convenient coffee option, check out Coffee On A Stick. Or, an eco-friendly container with I Am Not A Paper Cup.

[via Yanko Design]

Tea Illustrations by Andrew Gorkovenko

Using nothing more than loose tea and extreme patience, artist Andrew Gorkovenko created beautiful landscape scenes for Triptea. Made specifically to be included on the tea company’s packaging — the scenes actually depict the origin of the tea contained within.

[link, via Colossal]

Wine That Helps Look at The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

For the rosé wine-drinking cockeyed optimist, there is Pink Glasses. With a pair of eyeglasses printed right on the bottle, you can look through the rose-colored lenses for a distorted sense of reality — even before you start drinking. Cheers.

[link, via the dieline]

Spodee, Wine Packaged in a Milk Bottle

Spodee pays homage to the Depression-era booze of the same name. The mix of homemade country wines, garden herbs, spices and moonshine was a more palatable alternative to the straight grain alcohol that was all the rage at the time.

The milk bottle is also a tribute to those original Spodee makers, who used whatever was available to package their hooch. Feel free to strap on a nipple and get drinking — we won’t judge.

[link, via Doobybrain]

The Spaghetti Tower Dispenses The Perfect Amount of Pasta

Spaghetti dispensing… A real world problem. The designers at OTOTO know this, and have brought us The Spaghetti Tower. Featuring a tapered, numbered, and multi-hinged lid — the Spaghetti Tower will not only keep your pasta fresh, but will give you the perfect amount every time.

Never run out of spaghetti on pasta night again. And, no more leftover spaghetti after making too much, and then having to eat it cold in the middle of the night. I know, I hate that too.

[available here, via designboom]