Make Your Own Pizza Cones

Never be tethered to the dinner table with a non-portable pizza again. Take that pie on the road, with help from the Pizzacraft Pizza Cone Maker. The kit includes all the tools required for a do-it-yourself pizza crust in cone form. Add your favorite toppings — or in this case, fillings — and enjoy your pizza wherever. But please, no pizza-coning while driving.

[link, via Cool Shit You Can Buy]

Where Happiness Comes From

No argument here. Where Happiness Comes From is a new and certified-awesome Threadless t-shirt by Luis Diaz. And, not only does happiness come from the parts shown here — but bacon, unicornscupcakes, gummy bears, and sporks also provide great material for senseless food culture blogs. Thank you, Mr. Unicorn.


Behold The All-Bacon Burger

When offered a “bacon burger,” we usually think of a normal, only semi-deadly offering of ground beef, with a few innocent slices of bacon on top. Southern California burger chain Slater’s 50/50 thinks that just won’t do, and has created a burger patty made completely of bacon.

But wait, there’s more… Officially titled the “‘Merica Burger,” it’s also topped with a fried egg, bacon island dressing, bacon cheddar, and then more bacon for good measure. Bacon.

[via Incredible Things]

The World’s Most Expensive Cupcake

Here we go again, with a new “the world’s most expensive something” to get the blood boiling. This time we present The Golden Phoenix, which is being called, “The World’s Most Expensive Edible Cupcake.” Created by Shafeena Yusuff Ali, CEO of couture bakery Bloomsbury’s in The Dubai Mall — the mixture of milk, eggs, sugar, and gold dust will set you back $27,000. We assume the plate is included.

Now, I could bore you with a list of ingredients. But, when the end result is the gaudy over-the-top mess that you see above, does it really matter? However, for the one-percenters in our audience [I assume there are many], please give Bloomsbury’s 48-hours notice to prepare your cupcake, and please eat it within 15 minutes, or the chocolate will melt. Enjoy.

[via The Presurfer]

Smorgasboard, A New Board Game For Foodies

Smorgasboard is a fun new board game for those who proclaim themselves to be foodies, and still like some good old-fashioned non-digital fun. Created by RichArt, players take on the role of an aspiring chef, as they circumvent the board and deal with various culinary quagmires.

Smorgasboard is brilliantly illustrated by Steve Simpson, and is available for pre-order by contacting info[at]richart[dot]ie. And, if food trivia is more your thing, be sure to check our another cool board game we’ve featured here before, Foodie Fight.

[link, via The Dieline]