A Billboard That Dispenses Beer Is The Best Form of Advertising


Recently, Coca-Cola unleashed a billboard that doubled as a soda fountain, dispensing its product to thirsty passersby.

Carlsberg, trying to one-up the soft-drink king, has created an outdoor ad that serves beer via a convenient ground-level tap. And, as we all know, if a beverage is gonna flow from a giant poster, we’ll take beer over sugar-water any day.

Appropriately-labeled, “Probably the best poster in the world,” the billboard was recently unveiled at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London.




[via Adweek]

The Bacon Stanley Cup Is The Ultimate Prize


With the Stanley Cup playoffs upon us, fans will be growing out their mullets and playoff beards, and stuff like the Bacon Stanley Cup will happen.

Brought to us by Bar Brutus in Montreal, the replica of Lord Stanley’s Cup replaces silver with yummy pork fat, and is ready for the Canadiens’ playoff run.

Don’t be surprised if the Habs tank in the first round of the playoffs, knowing that a bacon trophy is waiting for them.

[link, via Mental Floss]

How To Make Your Own Candy Sushi


If you’d like a sophisticated new way to ingest candy, you might consider making it in sushi form.

Candy Sushi is brought to us by Lee Manne, owner of Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe in NYC. Sticky rice is replaced with Rice Krispies Treats, while Swedish Fish stand in for the raw stuff. Check out how to make your own here.






[link, via TAXI]

The Meatball Sandwich With Spaghetti Bun Looks Convenient


If you love spaghetti and meatballs, but are sick of the monotonous fork-twirling and meatballs rolling off your plate, there’s now a convenient solution.

The Spaghetti Meatballwich is the awesomely-named food hybrid by The Carving Board in Los Angeles, that’ll make your Italian meal much easier to deal with. The sandwich is made possible by shaping spaghetti into buns, and using said spaghetti to house its meatball innards. No twirling required.

[link, via Incredible Things]

This Is The First Donut In Space


The USA has always been a pioneer of space travel and donut technology. However, it took a few Norwegian scientists to send the first donut into space.

The First Donut In Space was made possible by attaching a strawberry-frosted donut to a weather balloon, and letting it ascend into the stratosphere. The only bad part is that good things eventually come to an end, and the donut quickly plummets back to Earth.

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society was needed to recover the grounded space donut. No mention if they got to eat it.

[link, via Mashable]