There’s A Café For Stuffed Animals Now Because Japan


Sure, you let your stuffed animals sleep on your bed, and you occasionally ask them how their day was… who doesn’t? But where can your fluffy friends go to unwind, after a tough day of collecting dust and staring blankly?

Nuigurumi Café in Tokyo has the answer, with a café and hotel for stuffed animals. The best part, is that the owner needn’t actually take their stuffed companions to the café and try to sit in tiny chairs.

Just send your stuffed animals to the café in the mail, and they’re returned with photos and souvenirs from their stay. Reservations are available. Book now… Fluffy McFluffins deserves it.



[link, via Laughing Squid]

The Hairdo Cookie Cutter Creates A Head of Hair That The Eater Styles With Each Bite


If you know any aspiring hairstylists who enjoy cookies, there’s the Hairdo Cookie Cutter.

The adorable new kitchen tool will form a head with a very unruly block of hair. It’s up to the eater to style it, using their teeth as scissors. Just make sure to tip the shampoo girl (mom).



[link, via Incredible Things]

Karma Loaf, Cecil The Lion Gets Revenge on The Killer Dentist


This week, we received the unfortunate news that famed African lion, Cecil, was killed for sport by a self-entitled dickhead dentist.

Karma Loaf, by Lou Lou P’s Delights, at least tries to lighten the mood. Already experts in animal-shaped bread, this loaf has revenge in mind. A severed and edible dentist is included, as a reminder that karma is a delicious bitch.

RIP, Cecil.