The Earth Burger Is Out of This World


Nothing good can come from any blue food. That is unless that blue food is a cereal endorsed by a cartoon ghost, or it’s paying homage to our home planet.

At Japanese science museum, Orbi Yokohama, they’re serving up burgers and sandwiches with blue buns made to resemble Earth. Green is added to represent the landmasses… and so nobody thinks that they’re eating Uranus.


[via Neatorama]

How To Make Deep-Fried Tequila Shots


Tequila shots don’t always go down easy. So finding a way to deep fry them makes perfect sense.

Deep Fried Tequila Shots are brought to us by Oh, Bite It!, and are made by soaking sponge cake in tequila and frying them up. Lime zest and powdered sugar are added to complete the effect. Or, you can also make the person who eats the last one eat the worm.

dftmid1[link, via designtaxi]

Cereal Critters, A Series That Imagines Cereal Mascots As Action Figures


If you grew up –like most — hooked on the kiddie crack that is kids’ breakfast cereal, then you probably consider cereal mascots your breakfast heroes. Unfortunately, after all these years, Frankenberry and Quisp were never given the honor of being encapsulated in a blister bubble.

Artist Phil Postma wants to change all of that, by providing a visual of what a cereal mascot would look like if packaged as an action figure. Cereal Critters is a series of illustrations provided by Postma, with our favorite breakfast spokesmen nestled safe in their bubble packaging.

Which cereal mascot would you want to play with first? Or, would you immediately want to form some sort of justice league with all of the cereal monsters?









[link, via technabob]

Watch This Dog Balance 100 Different Fruits and Vegetables on His Head


Maymo The Lemon Beagle has talent. That talent is having enormous patience with his owner, as 100 fruits and vegetables are continuously placed on Maymo’s head to balance.

The stoic puppy appears to have the whole balancing act down too – whether it’s lettuce, asparagus, or even half a watermelon. Although, after a few seconds of produce-on-head, Maymo says, “Enough, now gimme my treat, human.” Please watch.

Ramen Sushi


Why be traditional and use boring rice for your sushi, when ninety-nine cents and some boiling water will get you Ramen Sushi?

The Vulgar Chef realizes this, and wraps his raw fish with budget noodles and bacon for good measure. See the technique and recipe here.