Jabba’s Bounty, Pop Culture Characters Frozen In Chocolate Carbonite


Artist Henry Hargreaves, via his latest project Jabba’s Bounty, created two things. One, an alternate universe where Jabba The Hutt puts out a bounty on various pop culture characters. The other one is those same characters turned into edible carbonite chocolate bars.

Using some of his favorite childhood action figures, Hargreaves created molds, poured in some milk chocolate, and applied edible silver paint for the full effect.

Karma tells us that we should be seeing a Boba Fett bar. But, according to the Sarlac, he doesn’t taste so good.

jabbas-bounty-2 jabbas-bounty-3 jabbas-bounty-4 jabbas-bounty-in-process-5

[link, via First We Feast]

Skitchen, Fruits and Vegetables Skateboard and Kickflip Through The Kitchen


Skitchen, a food photography series by Paris-based artist and photographer Benoit Jammes, brings us into the secret sporting life of fruits and vegetables.

When no one is around to see it, various forms of produce nosegrind and kickflip through the kitchen. Whether it’s a banana grinding down a rolling pin, or a potato ollie — the produce appears to be having a good time, before they’re literally shredded and consumed.







[link, via Whudat]

The Parmesan Cronut Burger Is Your Burgerporn of The Day


Brought to us by Pornburger, The Willem Dafoenut is here to make all other burgers feel silly.

Inspired by the actor, Willem Dafoe, for his “French roots and intensely layered performances,” the burger begins with a “smoosh fried beef patty,” covered with pepper bacon, bone marrow french onion dip, and cornichon relish.

But what’ll create some buzz is the bun, which consists of two parmesan cronuts. Bravo, Willem… This is your best work since Barnes shot you in Platoon.


This Video Explains How Your Halloween Candy May Slowly Be Killing You


Halloween and the raiding of your kids’ candy bags is upon us. And, lest we think that our only concern should be the high sugar intake, this video may truly scare you this Halloween.

Brought to us by animator Daniella Urdinlaiz – the cartoon goes on to explain, rather apologetically, that some of the most popular Halloween candies contain ingredients far worse than a little tooth-decaying sugar.

From trans-fat to the same stuff that you’d wax your car with — perhaps we should think twice before we’re elbow deep in our child’s candy stash. You’re welcome, and we’re sorry too.

[link, via designtaxi]

Watch This Sushi Conveyor Belt Become A DJ Booth


Sitting at a traditional sushi restaurant can be awfully quiet, and there’s hardly ever any techno to help get the sushi party started.

Red Bull, with help from hip-hop producer Just Blaze and L.A. DJ TOKiMONSTA, created a fully-functional sequencer from an existing sushi conveyor belt. Using the actual sushi that’s slowly making its way along the track, the plate’s colors trigger its own sick beat. Sushi party, started.

[link, via First We Feast]