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Foodiggity’s daily blog is taking a short break while we attend the NY International Gift Show.

In the meantime, The Foodiggity Shop is open for business, and you can follow our adventures and shopping spree on Instagram. Daily content will be back later this week. See y’all soon.

Watch This Dog Balance 100 Different Fruits and Vegetables on His Head


Maymo The Lemon Beagle has talent. That talent is having enormous patience with his owner, as 100 fruits and vegetables are continuously placed on Maymo’s head to balance.

The stoic puppy appears to have the whole balancing act down too – whether it’s lettuce, asparagus, or even half a watermelon. Although, after a few seconds of produce-on-head, Maymo says, “Enough, now gimme my treat, human.” Please watch.

Ramen Sushi


Why be traditional and use boring rice for your sushi, when ninety-nine cents and some boiling water will get you Ramen Sushi?

The Vulgar Chef realizes this, and wraps his raw fish with budget noodles and bacon for good measure. See the technique and recipe here.



Gastro-Architecture, A Fun Illustration Series of Buildings That Look Like Food


When you start seeing architecture as food, either it’s time for lunch, or you’re the creator of Gastro-Architecture.

Illustrator and art director of The New York Times Book ReviewNicholas Blechman, sees architecture as edible or as a food tool, and he’s got the adorable cartoon series to prove it.

Whether it’s the Fifth Avenue Apple Store as an ice cube, or the Cathedral of Brasilia as a crown roast, the playful series will have you looking at buildings in an entirely different way. Except art deco… very unappetizing.





Cathedral of Brasilia

[link, via designtaxi]

Edible and Functional Chocolate LEGOS


Artist Akihiro Mizuuchi has come up with a way to combine a few of our favorite things… chocolate and LEGOS. And, not only are the candy bricks nice to look at, but they’re completely functional.

Assemble any structure or pop culture character you’d like. Or, keep it simple and construct yourself a chocolate bar. We know, LEGOS are hard.

If you like LEGOS, and are in need of some cool kitchen tools, check out The Cooking Blocks Utensil Set.





[link, via Colossal]