Yellow Submarine Butter Spreader To The Rescue


Save yourself from uneven butter-spreading, and any dinner table Blue Meanies, with the Spredo Butter Spreader.

Simply fill the Spredo with a small slab of butter, place it atop your corn on the cob to make it look like a yellow submarine, and then it’s off to Pepperland. Whether you decide to bring cartoon Ringo, is completely up to you. Available here.




[link, via Gizmodo]

Food Underwear Should Be In Your Top Drawer

food-underwearGetting a bit too old for Underoos… but still want to wear some fun undies? Food-Inspired Underwear, by San Francisco-based lingerie company Naja, has got you covered.

Whether you decide to cover the goods with a cheeseburger, sushi or some fries — the food knickers will certainly be the quirkiest undies in your top drawer. Unless you still have those Wonder Woman Underoos, in which case, congrats to you and your significant other.

food-underwear-2 food-underwear-3 food-underwear-4


food-underwear-6 food-underwear-7

[link, via designtaxi]

Pizza, Chicken Wing and Beer Sweaters Will Help Get The Party Started


Whether it’s pizza night, or you’re meeting up with some friends for beer and wings… Alex Stevens Party Sweaters have got you covered.

Let everyone know that you came to party, with your food-related novelty sweater. Go with the Pizza Sweater, adorned with yummy pepperoni slices, if you need a conversation piece until the delivery guy arrives. Unless you are the delivery guy, in which case, you’ll need two of these.

Then there’s the Beer Sweater and the Hot Wing Sweater which, as we all know, are appropriate for any occasion.



[link, via Incredible Things]

A Frog Burger Because Japan


We know what you’re thinking… There’s no way those are actual frog legs sticking out of that black-bunned burger. Well then, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to our extensive coverage of Japan, where anything is possible, and its usually bat-shit cray-cray.

The Frog Burger is oh so very real, and is indeed an actual frog, with its deep-fried legs sticking out from the bun. If nothing else, the protruding legs are a very good and disturbing reminder of what you’re eating.

The Frog Burger is part of museum Orbi Yokohama‘s promotion for their Deadly Poison Exhibition. Hopefully, the non-toxic variety were used for the burgers.

[link, via Rocket 24 News]

Cake-Flavored Wine Exists


Remember when wine just tasted like grapes? Well, in the age of flavored alcohol that probably shouldn’t exist, there’s now wine that tastes like cake. Yes, you read that correctly.

Birthday Cake Vineyards are the people responsible for this, offering a series of dessert-flavored wines — including Strawberry Shortcake, Black Forest, Cheesecake, Coffee Cake and Cake Batter.

Either way, the wines will be a great time-saver — if you had plans to indulge your sweet-tooth and getting your drunk on separately. Check them out here.






[link, via Trendhunter]