This Pizza’s Got 99 Cheeses And A Swiss Ain’t One


The next time you order a pizza with ‘extra cheese’… keep in mind that there’s a chef in Melbourne laughing at you.

Johnny di Francesco recently created a 99-Cheese Pizza. For those scoring at home, that’s roughly 98 more cheeses than what should be allowed.

Nonetheless, the pizza is made possible by di Francesco melting 94 cheeses into one gooey concoction that’s then spread over the crust and cooked. The remaining five are added afterward. Extra cheese, not available.


[via Neatorama]

Fast Food and Junk Food Photographed As Renaissance Paintings


It takes quite a bit to make fast food aesthetically-pleasing. Luckily, there was a little something called the Renaissance, which could help make anything from creepy man-babies to sub-par cheeseburgers look good.

Photographer Rebecca Rütten has taken advantage of the art movement, and has prettied-up some fast food with Contemporary Pieces. The photography series, inspired by the look of Renaissance paintings, poses a few still-lifes and cloaked subjects holding fast food.

Thankfully, there’s no man-babies eating McNuggets.







[link, via Junk Culture]

Kamasugar, Erotic Lollipops For Sweet Love-Makin’


Artist Massimo Gammacurta works brilliantly with many different mediums. But his most interesting and enticing work appears to be in candy.

Enter, Kamasugar — a series of sugar sculptures formed into a number of sex positions. A stick is inserted [hee-hee] into the vibrantly-colored sculptures, making them the most erotic lollipops possible. NSFW lollies below.

kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-06 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-02 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-01 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-03 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-05

[link, via designboom]

The Whisker Dam Will Protect Your Mustache While You Drink Beer


Having a mustache is hard. First and foremost, there’s the constant fighting off of the ladies. Secondly, mustaches make drinking a frothy beer challenging, as they’re a bona fide foam magnet.

The Whisker Dam is here to help. Place one on your beer glass, and there’s now a convenient barrier between your froth-mop and your tasty beverage. The best part, is that the all-copper Whisker Dam is as stylish as you, mustachioed one.



[link, via Hi Consumption]

Safari Pancakes Are A Wild Breakfast


If you have ‘African safari’ or ‘seeing the coolest breakfast ever’ on your bucket list, you should check out these Safari Pancakes.

Brought to us by Nathan of Saipancakes, the wild breakfast is expertly drawn and cooked with batter. And they’ll save you a trip to Africa. You’re welcome.