Baked Potauntauns Smell Great On The Outside


The Empire Strikes Back, the planet Hoth… Luke Skywalker narrowly escapes becoming a Wampa’s dinner, and has nearly frozen to death. Han Solo, needing a warm place to store Luke for the night, slices open his loyal Tauntaun and sticks Luke inside.

Finally, this fateful scene can be reenacted at the dinner table with Baked Potauntauns. The indiegogo project includes parts that’ll turn any baked potato into a Tauntaun. The included Lightsaber Butter Knife will help slice the beast open.

And, the best part, a butter mold that’ll help create a near-death and meltable Luke to place inside. Surely, the finished Baked Potauntaun will smell good on the inside and outside.

Although the campaign to mass produce the Potauntauns is nowhere close to its goal [c’mon people], you can find out more here.





[link, via BoingBoing]

Bacon Soap Will Help Get The Grease Off Your Hands


You love bacon and want it in every aspect of your life… including washing up.

Bacon Soap, by Outlaw Soaps, will help keep the bacon love going, with a bar that looks like an enormous slab of pork fat. And, because the soap also smells like bacon, the lovely aromas will remain long after the grease is washed off.

Bacon Soap is handmade with vegan ingredients.



[link, via Supercompressor]

Bacon and Eggs Shoes Are The Most Important Footwear of The Day


Bacon and eggs go together like left and right. So, it only makes sense that they’ve merged into a pair of shoes.

Bacon and Egg Shoes are brought to us by Mozo. The shoes were actually crafted especially for food professionals, with vented sides and slip-resistant soles. Perfect for the short order breakfast cook, or any chef that doesn’t know their bacon from eggs.

[link, via OhGizmo!]

How To Make Girl Scout Cookie Shots


Girl Scout Cookies aren’t around all year… but the yearning for Thin Mints and the need to get drunk is. Andrea Romano and Laura Vitto from Mashable are here to help, by constructing a series of Girl Scout Cookie Shots.

The drinkers/cookie enthusiasts show us how to make boozy versions of some of our favorites. They’re even nice enough to sample their concoctions, which adds to the entertainment value of the video. Earn your merit badge in drunkenness by making a few of your own.

[link, via Neatorama]

Planet Drinking Glasses Will Help You Drink Out of Uranus


Are you an astronomer or astronaut? Or, perhaps you’d really just like to drink out of Uranus? Well, The Planetary Glass Set will have you imbibing like a true space enthusiast.

The set of 10 glasses even includes the Sun [we assume for hot drinks] and the former planet of Pluto, made into a smaller shot glass. Bottoms up, astronaut.