Oreo Thins, A Thinner Version of The Cookie, Exist For Some Reason

oreo-thinsTaking a short break from their stunt-casting of new flavors, Oreo will unleash a much thinner version of their signature cookie.

Oreo Thins, surely designed to make larger Oreos feel bad about themselves, appear to be borrowing from an Apple playbook. The new cookies are minimized, thinner, faster, and better than your feeble Android cookies.

The thin Oreos are catered to adults, who may not be looking to separate and dunk their Oreos. So, basically, for people who are doing it wrong. Anyways, Oreo Thins will be available in golden, original, and mint flavors starting July 13th.


[link, via People]

Colonel Sanders Is A Comic Book Superhero Now


If you’re really into fried chicken, then perhaps you already fancy Colonel Sanders some type of superhero. Now, the KFC founder and mascot is actually immortalized in comic book form, with The Colonel’s Adventure Comics.

The graphic novel, rather than having The Colonel thwarting evil bad guys that promote healthy eating, is actually an origin story of the man behind the bucket o’ chicken.

Hard copies of The Colonel’s Adventure Comics will be made available to this year’s Comic-Con attendees in San Diego. Others who love origin stories, can keep watching Spider-Man reboots, or check out a digital copy of KFC’s comic here.



[link, via First We Feast]

Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time… It Does Not Go Well


There are two kinds of people… Those who eat at Olive Garden, and Italians. However, the latter has the advantage of years of intensive tomato-based sauce and pasta training by an Italian grandma.

Buzzfeed, knowing that Italian grandmas have very particular palates and no inner monologue, sat a few of them down to try some of The Garden’s signature “dishes.”

The result is what you might expect. Except for one pair of grandmas, who seemed to enjoy everything. Although their accents are a little suspect. Please enjoy…

[link, via Neatorama]

The Gummy Bear Rainbow Cake Has Some Gummy Bears And Colors Involved


If you just can’t get enough rainbows and gummy bears, the Rainbow Gummy Bear Piñata Cake is here to help.

Created by The Simple Cooking Channel, the cake gets many many gummy bears involved, inside and out. They were even nice enough to provide a tutorial to help make your own… just in case you have any major life events coming up, where such a colorful cake might be appropriate.

[link, via My Cupcake Addiction]

Coffee Monsters, Coffee Spills Turned Into Adorable Monsters


Coffee spills are gonna happen. So, why not make these unfortunate little accidents as adorable as possible?

Coffee Monsters, by German creative professional Stefan Kuhnigk, sees the potential in these brown splotches. After some pencil to paper, Stefan turns coffee spills into adorable little creatures.

Although Stefan’s first spill was an accident that he made the best of, we assume that the 300 Coffee Monsters that followed were done on purpose. Check out more below and over at Kuhnigk’s Instagram.