Cute Vinyl Figurines Inspired By Our Favorite Snacks


If you’re not familiar with Munnies, they’re basically a blank canvas for folks to create the awesomest vinyl figurines possible. Artist Zard Apuya is one of these creative people, and he likes snacks.

One of Apuya’s Munny series is food-inspired, focusing on junk food and snacks. From a Kit Kat Munny with a wafer-filled head to a Starbucks cup-dude — the figures are as adorable as they are hunger-inducing.

See more below and at Apuya’s store here.









[link, via designtaxi]

AvoSeedo Will Help Grow Avocados In The Convenience of Your Home


If you need guacamole, and you need it right damn now, you might consider growing an avocado tree in the convenience of your home.

The AvoSeedo holds the answer to your real world problem. Simply save that enormous pit that you take from your avocado, place it in the AvoSeedo, and let it float over water. Soon, all of your avocado-related dreams will come true.

The AvoSeedo is currently in Kickstarter phase, but has already surpassed its goal. We’ll be growing guacamole-making trees in no time.



[link, via Laughing Squid]

Preservation, A Photo Series Of Models Covered In Honey


Photographer Blake Little has made quite a name for himself as a celebrity photographer. So, when he asks you to stand there as you’re covered head-to-toe in sticky honey, you do so.

In his photo series, Preservation, Little takes a diverse set of models of all ages, ethnicities and species, and gets pourin’. The result is a beautiful display of the human form and, as Little describes it, looks as if they were “preserved in amber.”

See more of the slightly NSFW and very sticky images below.






[link, via designboom]

The Splash Ladle Will Make An Impression On Pasta Night


If you’re looking to make an impression the next time something needs to be scooped up, the Splash Ladle is here to help.

Made to look like a blood splash, this beautiful pasta fork/ladle will look great scooping up pasta, or just sticking out of your utensil holder. It also goes perfectly with our best-selling Splash Cutting Board, if you’re into themes.




Cotton Candy Oreos Exist


Although we may have already witnessed the apex of alternative Oreo flavors with Red Velvet, it appears that we now have a contender for close second.

Images of Cotton Candy Oreos have leaked, which means that we are on a fast track to an upgrade in the snack aisle. And, it appears that the creme-filling is both blue and pink — so the boys and girls don’t have to fight over them. Even though, both colors are merely sugar-flavored. Now we wait.

[via The Verge]