How About Some Glow In The Dark Ice Cream As You Watch That Movie?


Unsuspecting moviegoers in London were given an enlightening treat while watching The World’s End.

Bakers/candy artists/mad scientists Bompas & Parr had gotten to the viewers’ Cornetto cones beforehand and made them glow.

Obviously not a finicky bunch and up for anything, the moviegoers dove in, creating a veritable light show throughout the theater and on their tongues.



[link, via designboom]

Clutch Handbags Made To Look Like Vintage Cereal Boxes


If you’re looking for the perfect cereal couture, you should be holding on to one of these clutch handbags that are made to look like vintage cereal boxes.

Brought to us by English designer Anya Hindmarch, the cereal box clutches are part of her new Imperial collection. They’re to be featured at Hindmarch’s new Mini-Mart, which hopes to bring “luxury to the not-so-luxurious world of mini-mart products.”

The “luxury” part comes in the form of the packaging graphics printed on python skin, and accented with suede lining and gold closures. They’re GRRREAT!!



[link, via designtaxi]

Spicy Tuna Roll Corn Dog Is Your New Fancy Food on a Stick


If you can believe it, sushi on a stick is a thing. However, a spicy tuna roll has never been battered and fried to look like a corn dog before. At least not to Foodiggity’s knowledge, and we keep tabs on important stuff like this.

The Spicy Tuna Corn Dog is brought to us by Culinary Bro-Down. Check out the recipe for this food-on-a-stick upgrade and others over at their site.



[link, via Thrillist]

Peaches Wearing Panties Exist And Are For Sale In China


It’s an inescapable fact that peaches look like butts. To help perpetuate this, a certified-awesome fruit vendor in China slipped some sexy undies on the fuzzy fruits.

The pantie-clad peaches are being sold to help celebrate Qixi Festival – China’s version of Valentine’s Day. How romantic.


[via Kotaku]

The Alarm Clock That Makes Fresh Coffee Is Worth Waking Up For


Waking up sucks. Well, at least it did before your alarm clock had coffee ready for you when you finally roll over.

Brought to us by London-based industrial designer Joshua Renouf, the Barisieur is an alarm clock that doubles as a coffee maker. Just try not to blindly slap the snooze button… that’ll leave a mark.




[link, via designtaxi]