Dangerous Popsicles, Frozen Treats Shaped Like A Cactus and Viruses


Popsicles are supposed to be yummy pleasurable treats. That is unless they’re shaped like spiky cacti and viruses.

Dangerous Popsicles are brought to us by artist Wei Li, and are meant to provide an alternate sensory experience. Even if delicious, the eater needs to get past the visual of spikes and cooties to enjoy it. Mmmm… MRSA.



[link, via The Fox Is Black]

Honest Slogans Tell It Like It Is


If only brands could be honest with consumers, instead of feeding us their advertising gobbledygook, we’d have something like Honest Slogans.

Brought to us by graphic artist, Clif Dickens, this new round of ads provide some refreshing honesty on some of the things we consume.

Although, we don’t care how tired mom is… Hamburger Helper ain’t happening.








Behold The Pizzadilla


If you’ve ever wondered how you could improve upon the near-perfect quesadilla… Serious Eats has the answer.

The Pizzadilla is brought to us by their Managing Culinary Director/mad scientist, J. Kenji López-Alt. It starts innocently enough as a quesadilla, cooked awesomely in a cast iron pan, then appropriately topped with all the pizza fixins.

Now that’s some fusion we can get behind.





The Dunkin’ Buddy Is Here For All of Your Cookie-Dunking Needs


Having to hold your cookie semi-submerged in milk, while you await its desired sogginess is for suckers. The Dunkin’ Buddy is the answer to your cookie-dunking prayers.

Simply adhere the Dunkin’ Buddy to the inside of any drinking vessel, fill to the desired level with milk, and then let your cookies rest. Use your newly-freed cookie hand and the time saved to do more important stuff… such as eating other undunked cookies, or anything else you can accomplish with the four seconds you’ll save.

The Dunkin’ Buddy is currently in production after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Sorry, you’ll just have to keep holding your cookies in the meantime.

[link, via Incredible Things]

Deep-Fried Candy Corn Exists


What to do with all of that unwanted candy corn? Well, when in doubt, the answer is always “deep-fry.”

Amy of Oh, Bite It! knows this, and has created Deep-Fried Candy Corn. The process is simple, needing only Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough and all of that candy corn, of which you should have plenty. Wrap those sugar nuggets in dough, fry, and your upcycling is complete.

[link, via Neatorama]