Tic Tacs As Vintage Video Games


Tic Tacs have been around so long, that people were enjoying them when Pac-Man was still fun. To help pay homage to the antiquated technology and breath mint, the Miami Ad School created a series of ads of vintage video games made from Tic Tacs.

From candy Pac-Man and Snake to an Arkanoid board, the ads were probably fun to assemble. Not more fun than actually playing Arkanoid though… those bricks were crazy.



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Beautiful Railway Dioramas Built Atop Pringles Cans


Pringles cans… they’re not just for getting your hand stuck in them. Artist Akihiro Morohoshi uses the deadly hand traps as a base for his beautiful railway dioramas.

Only part of a series of railways set in ephemeral townscapes, Morohoshi also builds these extraordinary scenes upon gumball machines, matchboxes and electric guitars.





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Ice Cream That Changes Color When You Lick It


Just when you thought that vanilla ice cream couldn’t get any more boring, there’s now an ice cream that changes color. Xamaleón, by Spain-based ice cream shop IceXperience, will switch hues as you eat it.

Tutti-Frutti in flavor, the all-natural ice cream starts out purple, but will switch to several shades of pink as it changes temperature. It’s like those hyper color shirts from the 80s — only with smaller hair and less-sucky music.

Check out the mood ice cream in action. But a warning… watching ice cream change color is the new “watching paint dry.”

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Everyday Objects and Food Used To Recreate Everyday Objects and Food


Creative director Dudi Ben Simon brings us a series of optical illusions using everyday objects and food items — coincidentally to recreate everyday objects and food items. How creatively meta.

See more of Simon’s great photography work over at Instagram.





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Dunkin’ Donuts Shark Week Donut Is A Lifesaver


A wise man once said, “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” So, we can only assume that this should apply to our donut consumption.

Luckily, Dunkin’ Donuts is in on the celebration with the Shark Bite Donut. Made to look like a life preserver, Dunkin’ is rolling out the life savers to celebrate the best of all weeks — encouraging people to “take a bite” and post a selfie in the act.

BtqVmVbCEAEyBQL[link, via AdWeek]