How To Make A Piña Colada By Throwing A Whole Pineapple and Coconut Into A Blender


So, it’s summer… You want a Piña Colada, but don’t have time for the peeling and cutting involved. If you had a Blendtec high-powered blender, you could forgo all the grunt work, and throw those fruits right in… scaly hairy skin and all.

In the latest installment of “Will It Blend?” Blendtec founder, Tom Dickson, tests the power of his machine while mixing up a summer beverage. Although the quality and color of the finished product is questionable, you can’t argue with results.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Unbelievable Spreads Besides ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’


If you still can’t believe it’s not butter, then you probably question the authenticity of all condiments and spreadable foodstuffs.

Artist Gemma Correll has come up with a few of these questionable items with her comic, More Unbelievable Spreads. Just beware of fake hummus… that stuff’s no joke.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Why Coffee and Poop Are BFFs


It’s no secret that coffee has a few effects on our body. Coffee helps wake us up in the morning, makes us less likely to lash out at others for no reason and, for some people, makes them have to poop.

If you assumed that it was merely the caffeine helping to grease the wheels, the video Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? goes into further detail as to why coffee and poop are besties.

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Freeze and Squeeze Giant Ice Spheres With The Frozen Peas Ice Mold


Get the perfect giant ice spheres every time, with the Frozen Peas Ice Mold. Just fill up the giant pod, stick it in the freezer, and you’ll have frozen peas cooling your drink in no time.

The best part… Ice spheres melt 80% slower than old-fashioned ice cubes. And, your current ice trays probably aren’t giant pea pods.

Grab a Frozen Peas Ice Mold for your next party. If you have more than a few friends, get several ice molds, Mr. Popular.

There’s A Café For Stuffed Animals Now Because Japan


Sure, you let your stuffed animals sleep on your bed, and you occasionally ask them how their day was… who doesn’t? But where can your fluffy friends go to unwind, after a tough day of collecting dust and staring blankly?

Nuigurumi Café in Tokyo has the answer, with a café and hotel for stuffed animals. The best part, is that the owner needn’t actually take their stuffed companions to the café and try to sit in tiny chairs.

Just send your stuffed animals to the café in the mail, and they’re returned with photos and souvenirs from their stay. Reservations are available. Book now… Fluffy McFluffins deserves it.



[link, via Laughing Squid]