The Pizza Chopper Will Easily Ride Across Your Pizza


If you’re looking for adventure, or whatever comes your way on pizza night — the Pizza Chopper is here to help.

Designed to resemble a chopper motorcycle, this pizza cutter will be the coolest way to segment your pie. If you’re truly born to be wild, they’ll be some pepperoni involved.

Ergonomic plastic handle with stainless steel blade. Red and black. New at The Foodiggity Shop.




Behold The All-Cheese Whoopie Pie


We recently learned that when you anger The Vulgar Chef with uninspired cookbooks, stuff like the 100% Cheese Whoopie Pie happens.

Made with a mac and cheese bun, the filling is made complete with a few sprays of Easy Cheese.

So, please step it up, cookbook writers. We do not know what this man is capable of next. Actually, keep doing what you’re doing… Foodiggity needs the material.


The New KFC Double Down Doubles Down On The Double Down


Remember the culinary wonder that was the KFC Double Down? Well, that chicken sandwich is now chicken feed.

The KFC Zinger Double Down King sticks with the fried chicken as bun game plan, and there’s still bacon in-between. Only now, a third animal has been introduced, with the inclusion of a burger patty.

Sorry, for anyone watching their carbs outside of South Korea, as Double Down 2.0 is currently only available there. You’ll have to find your trinity of barnyard animals elsewhere.


A McDonald’s Restaurant Designed To Look Like A Lunch Box


To help promote a few new menu items, and to stand out amongst other boring square restaurants, McDonald’s Australia created a pop-up spot that looks like a giant lunch box.

Created by DDB Sydney, the lunchbox Macca’s will show up throughout Australia — specifically to promote their new Rump Steak Range, and to remind you that you forgot to bring lunch again.


[link, via Neatorama]

I Am Bread, A Video Game Where You Play A Slice Of Bread


Tired of playing video games as a mustachioed plumber, or an 8-bit miner? I Am Bread is here to help, by placing you in the action as a slice of bread — seriously.

If you’re a bit unclear on the object of the game, you’re not alone. It appears that you control your bread, while it makes its way through various rooms, before it’s inevitably toasted and buttered.

Which makes I Am Bread either the silliest thing we’ve ever seen, or the greatest thing since one of those inventions that made our lives easier… can’t think of any at the moment, it’s early.



[link, via Lost At E Minor]