Awesome Mom Illustrates Famous Internet Cats and Robots on Her Sons’ Lunch Napkins

Baymax and Grumpy Cat

Baymax and Grumpy Cat

There are few things that can help make a brown bag lunch the coolest part of a kid’s day. Awesome napkin illustrations of cats and robots appear to be one of those things.

After some time illustrating random pop culture characters and inspirational messages on her sons’ lunch napkins, Mom/artist Nina Levy has refocused her attention on internet-famous cats and robots.

Baymax and Grumpy Cat, R2-D2 and Limecat are just a few of these unusual duos that help make lunch awesomer. See more below.


R2-D2 and Limecat


Five Nights at Freddy’s Automata with Wet Cat


Ultron and Happy Cat


Cyberman from Doctor Who with Breaded Cat


Echo and Snoopybabe

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Junk Food Plated To Look Like Gourmet Meals


Although most junk food doesn’t need anything more than garish packaging and a shiny sugar-coating to appeal to our eyes — there are ways to make it seem more sophisticated.

Chef Jacques Lamerde, using master plating skills, takes some of our favorite sugary and salty items, and makes them appear gourmet.

He even applies fancy menu-naming techniques to the plates of Hot Pockets, Pop-Tarts and Munchkins, to help complete the culinary ruse. See more below and over at his Instagram.






[link, via Neatorama]

The Burrito Costume Is A Delicious Disguise


San Francisco artist Lauren O. Venell, who recently encouraged us to snuggle up to a giant burrito, now wants to BE the burrito.

The Bold Burrito costume was made for a video series for Bold Italic. It sees Lauren wearing the handmade burrito costume, roaming the city and doing people things. I think if she had gone to Chipotle dressed like that, she could’ve gotten free chips and guac… not sure.



[link, via BoingBoing]

Bear Skin Picnic Blanket For Fancy Outdoor Dining


If you have a room in your house that contains a fireplace and smells of rich mahogany, then you surely have a bear skin rug in the middle of it. But what if you also enjoy dining in the park, and need somewhere worthy to sit?

The Bear Skin Picnic Blanket is here to help. Made to look like something you’d see in a rich guy’s study, combined with the unmistakable checkered pattern of a picnic blanket, you can enjoy a sophisticated outdoor lunch anytime. The smell of rich mahogany, not included.

The Bear Skin Picnic Blanket is now available at The Foodiggity Shop.






This Mattress Made of Gummy Bears Will Make Your Dreams Come True


If you’re looking for the most colorful and gelatinous night of sleep available, you might consider something like The Gummy Bear Mattress.

Created with just over 26,000 gummy bears, the mattress cover was created by Hissa Igrashi. It was commissioned by Craig’s Beds to promote their Summerfield Mattress. Sweet dreams.





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