This Bowl of Ramen Will Gladly Hold Your iPhone


Eating ramen with one hand while navigating our iPhone with the other seems like a lot of work. Now, thanks to Japan, there’s a hyperrealistic-looking bowl of ramen that will conveniently hold your precious phone.

The ramen dock will help free up your hands, allowing you to eat all of the real noodles you’d like. Just don’t mistakenly drop your phone into your lunch.




[link, via Supercompressor]

ARRRE You Ready To Open Some Bottles? The Legless Pirate Corkscrew Can Help


Do you need to get a bottle opened, me hearties? Well, the Legless Pirate Corkscrew is here to help.

Complete with a corkscrew for a leg and a waiter’s friend and foil cutter for arms — this pirate is ready to open any wine bottle. He even comes with a bottle-opening eye patch for sodas and beers, and a parrot on his arm.

So… Why are pirates such good bottle openers? Because they ARRRR!!!

Stainless steel and durable ABS plastic. Available at The Foodiggity Shop.




The S’mores Pizza Ghost Looks Spooky, Delicious


Looking for the perfect dessert that will show some Halloween spirit? Well, besides the garbage bag full of candy that the kids will be elbow-deep in?

Try this adorably-spooky Ghost S’mores Pizza. Brought to us by The Baker Mama, the S’mores pizza is made possible with a few simple ingredients and just under an hour to bake.

The kids will be back to their candy haul in no time.


[link, via The Kitchn]

The Pop-Up Restaurant Menu Takes You Back To Childhood Before You Order


Boring 2-D restaurant menus are no way to order. And, none of them provide the nostalgia of those pop-up books you had as a kid.

Paper engineer Helen Friel recently designed and constructed a 3-D pop-up menu for the Art Deco Beaufort Bar at London’s Savoy Hotel. Turning the page reveals an in-your-face example of each cocktail offered at the bar.

They become a great way to feel like a kid again… before you start drinking heavily.




[link, via Gizmodo]

Models Covered in Sweets Test The Boundaries of What’s Sexy and Hunger-Inducing


Attractive and well-lit models always make for a successful photo shoot. As does some yummy food, styled to perfection. But when combining the two… how far can this be taken before your photos are void of sexuality and no longer make the viewer hungry?

Photographer Keith Allen Phillips recently tested these boundaries, with Messy — a photo series that merges the inherent sexuality of an attractive model with some well-placed junk foods.

By combining the two — in some cases making the models unrecognizable — we’re left to wonder if this series is still sexy, hunger-inducing, or just plain gratuitous. Thoughts?






[link, via Lost At E Minor]