The Pepperoni Pizza Corvette Delivers


When you go by the moniker, PizzaMan Dan, and own a pizza chain of the same name — you’re going to need a suitable form of transportation.

Spotted at the 31st Annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, the Pepperoni Corvette is a decal-covered pizza lover’s dream. It’s owned by Dan Collier of Ventura County restaurant chain, PizzaMan Dan’s.

Hopefully, he has the bedding to match.


[via First We Feast]

Snack Foods Repackaged To Help Them Appear Artisanal


If you’ve ever wondered how you could make those junk foods of yours appear more fancy… it’s all about the packaging.

Dan Meth over at Buzzfeed tests this theory, by repackaging some very unsophisticated food, to make them appear more artisanal.

For example, Slim Jim become Slim James, and suddenly the meat-like stick is suitable for the snootiest of food snobs.

Although, I do not agree with a single-chamber package of Nerds… That’s some low-brow shit.








The Zombie Ice Mold Will Help Make Your Drinks Creepier


Whether you need to add a little creep factor to your cocktail, or want to freak out the kids by leaving something in their apple juice, the Zombie Ice Mold is here to help.

Designed to look like a severed hand of the undead, freeze some up for your next cocktail party, or for a holiday where zombie hands would be appropriate. Perhaps Christmas?

The Zombie Ice Mold is creepy, and available at The Foodiggity Shop.




The 24 Carrot Cake Is Valuable To Your Belly


As we all know, when gold has 24 carrots in it, it’s good stuff. So, it only makes sense to use carrots to create a gold cake.

Brought to us by Instructables user, Paige Russell, the 24 Carrot Cake looks like an actual gold bar. And, in case you’re wondering if this gold cake is legit, the recipe actually uses 24 baby carrots… so you know it’s good.

Oh… it’s gold “karats.” Never mind.



This Dog Can’t Catch Food In His Mouth and It’s Fantastic


Fritz the golden retriever can’t catch food in his mouth… now he’s the star of your new favorite dog-fail video. The adorable canine tries, over and over again, to catch various foods in his mouth, and fails magnificently.

His owner and food-tosser was even nice enough to film this process in slow motion, making it even more awesome. Never stop being you, Fritz.

Please watch this…