Foodiggity Shop’s 1-2-FREE Cyber Monday Sale Is Now


It’s that time again… Thanksgiving will quickly come and go, making way for free-spending and holiday cheer. It’s also time, once again, for Foodiggity Shop’s 1-2-FREE Cyber Monday Sale.

Starting today, 11/25 through Monday, 12/1… Purchase two select items from The Foodiggity Shop and receive a third item free*.

It’s simple… Just add the two select items as seen below to your cart, apply coupon code ’12free’, and the free gift will be included when shipped. Supplies on some of these items is limited, so get your 1-2-FREE orders in, post-haste!

*Offer is limited to the pre-selected items and free gift listed above. Cannot be altered or combined with another coupon or offer. Foodiggity’s 1-2-FREE sale begins Tuesday 11/25/14, ends 11:59pm EST on Monday 12/1/13. Just add the two select items to your cart with coupon code ’12free’ and all’s well.

Let us know in ‘order notes’ which free lip balm flavor you’d like, or we’ll be happy to send a random one.

Encourage Kids To Play With, Possibly Eat Their Vegetables With ‘Open Toys’


If you’re having trouble getting the kids to eat any fruits or vegetables, Open Toys might be able to help.

The 3D-printable accessories will transform that produce into airplanes, submarines, and hovercrafts. Perhaps after playing with an apple and carrot long enough, they’ll work up an appetite, and eat their vehicle.

Open Toys are unfortunately not available for sale, but the templates to print your own can be found here. Just in case you have a finicky eater, some produce, and a 3D printer .


opentoys-5 opentoys-6


[link, via Colossal]

Push Button, Receive Bacon For Real


Those handy instructions that accompany a public restroom hand-dryer have inspired one of the most fantastic memes ever, Push Button, Receive Bacon.

The Rabbit Hole, realizing that nobody enjoys the empty promise of bacon, have created a machine that’ll finally reward the button-pusher with yummy pork fat. The bacon machine is made possible with a repurposed printer, while bacon sizzles along its fuser.

The sign no longer lies. Go, technology!

[link, via technabob]

Hamburger Bedding Is The Answer To Your Meat Dreams


Just in case you were already getting bored with dreaming of pepperoni with Pizza Bedding, you can now have a new dream menu.

Get ready to start your night with nothing but cheeseburgers with Hamburger Bedding. Brought to us by Emotional Rainbow, the bedding comes complete with one burger quilt cover and two burger pillow cases to rest your weary burger-loving head on. Meat dreams.

[link… thanks @hemisuppressed]

The Meat Towel Will Help Dry You Off


If you’re in need of a shower after a serious dose of meat sweats, you can stick with a theme and dry off with the Meat Towel.

The Niku Towel (meat towel) comes packaged in butcher paper for the full effect. Wrap one around you after your much-needed shower. Or, use them as your guest towels to annoy your vegetarian friends.

Made in Japan. Meaty.