Peanut Butter Baby Is All of Us


When you leave an 18-month-old alone with his 3-yr-old sister and a jar of peanut butter — he will inevitably take the form of the adorably grotesque Peanut Butter Baby.

Possessing the not-so superpowers of sitting there and taking it and babbling incoherently, the beige little guy is the hero we deserve. No mention if he eventually developed a peanut allergy. I’d blame his sister if so.

Peanut butter babyThis video was taken in 2004. It is THE video that gave us our 30 Seconds of “fame.” (And an all-expense paid trip to Chicago) Emily was 3 and Ethan was 18 months at the time.

Posted by Gina Gardner Brown on Saturday, January 24, 2009

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An Optimus Prime Birthday Cake That Actually Transforms


It’s our right as kids to have our favorite cartoon or movie character-themed birthday cake. However, very few kids get a cake that does as advertised. For example, a transformer cake that actually transforms.

The son of YouTube member Russell Munro not only got to have a Transformer-themed birthday party, but when it was time to have the requisite cake, the Optimus Prime Birthday Cake actually came to life.

See the celebration in the video below. And, for the record, the one-minute video is more exciting than Transformers: Dark of The Moon. Enjoy.

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Pantone Smoothies, A Color Study That Matches Drinks To PMS Swatches


There’s a print project coming up, and you need to match a color to your smoothie… we’ve all been there. Thankfully, art director Hedvig A Kushner created this fun project, in which he matches fruit and vegetable mixtures to a PMS color swatch.

The project, Pantone Smoothies, is not only a fun color study — but Hedvig was also nice enough to layout the ingredients, along with an easy-to-follow recipe for each. Check out more below and over at Pantone Smoothies.






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Face-Shaped Coffee Lids Aren’t Creepy At All


Take sips of coffee while getting a morning kiss. Korean designer, Jang Woo-Seok, has designed a disposable coffee cup lid with, not only the requisite sip-hole, but a nose and mouth.

No mention if the lids will actually be available for purchase. You can still kiss your coffee though. It’s OK… You’re amongst friends.




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