Where Chicken McNuggets Come From

Sorry to ruin everyone’s childhood, but that’s not strawberry soft serve that you’re seeing in the picture above. It is in fact the result of mechanically¬†separated chicken, which is then formed into shapes such as McNuggets and processed chicken patties.

Wait it gets worse…¬†After the entire chicken is smashed and pressed through a sieve to form the malleable chicken goo that you see above, it is soaked in ammonia to remove bacteria, then artificially reflavored. It is then dyed with artificial color to mask the neon pink.

Because neon pink chicken would just be gross.

[link, via GOOD]


  1. I’m Lovin’ it

  2. It economically makes since, cutting costs and increasing food production.

  3. Thanks Jill… I am aware that McDonald’s made efforts to use all white meat years ago… It was just fun messing with those who grew up with the spare parts version.

  4. According to LiveScience this pink stuff IS chicken
    And, although there are a million good reasons not to eat at McDonalds or any fast food restaurant, McDonalds does make chicken nuggets out of all white meat chicken…

  5. Oh I see… Ham, what were we thinking? Because it’s pink, that makes more sense. I’m sure that if we and the hundreds of other sites that covered this had researched it properly, we would have come to that conclusion ourselves. Thanks for the insight Mr. Perdue.

  6. Unfortunately research isn’t part of the requirements to become a blogger, now is it? What you see is a picture of processed ‘ham’, not nuggets. It makes so much sense, but why google it if you can just dump a quickie piece on your blog?! Sad state of affairs, this meme…

  7. WHAT?????

    THIS is why I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in almost a decade.

    Seriously, when did *we* start to make food like this? And who comes up with the idea to do it this way?

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