Photographer Films Food From The Inside to Create a Forbidden Underworld

Post Ocular, c-type print, 102x127cm, 2011

We’ve all seen our share of meticulous and hunger-inducing photos of food — whether on the internet or in magazines. But what if the world of food styling was literally turned inside-out, showing us an unexplored and darker side of food photography?

French photographer Nadege Meriau is doing just that. Filming produce and other various foodstuffs from the inside, Meriau creates a veritable underworld. In some cases, the works could even be described as resembling the ‘seventh circle of hell.’ Now, who’s hungry?

Au centre de la terre I, c-type print, 127cmx102cm,2011
Grotto, c-type print, 127x102cm, 2011
Au centre de la Terre III, c-type print,102cmx127cm,2011

[link via Design Taxi]

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