What’s Inside A Slim Jim?


Snap into this… Wired has put together a handy animated video that explains what actually goes into the infamous meat stick known as the Slim Jim.

And, as with anything that provides a behind-the-scenes on processed meats... sometimes it’s just best not to know. Please enjoy.


Realistic Popeye Shows Us What Really Happens When You Eat A Whole Can of Spinach


Popeye, the squinty-eyed large-forearmed sailor man, is probably best known for his love of spinach. However, in this video from The Pete Holmes Show, we’re given a realistic take on what would happen if someone ate an entire can of pre-cooked spinach.

We won’t give the ending away… But let’s just say that the outcome is definitely easier to believe than Popeye being able to beat up Bluto, or when Popeye turns his corncob pipe into a blowtorch. Please enjoy.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Fart Code, An App That Scans Foods To Determine Its Fart Power


Sure, you could easily scan your food to find out its caloric and gluten content. But what if you’re a conscience shopper who monitors your foods’ gaseous properties?

Fart Code is a handy little mobile app that’ll scan the bar code of foods, and let you know the amount of flatulence you could expect from them. Although this seems a bit childish, Fart Code actually uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine how toxic a fart would be, based on the food’s ingredients.

The fartometer, as it’s called, then gives you a rating and appropriate fart noise and vibration. Just remember, that your iPhone on ‘silent,’ could be deadly.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Nana Splits, The Rapping Banana That Urges Us To Butter Ya’ Self


Yo, yo… Nana Splits, y’all. The hip-hoppiest of all bananas has a new music video, Butter Ya’Self, that’s mostly about how great it is to be a rich banana.

Nana Splits is accompanied by his fellow foodstuffs, ButterKrust and Sweet Cream, who lay down sick beats quick enough, that Nana doesn’t go and get all moldy in the process.

Heads up… The video contains NSFW language, food porn, and teeth-chattering bass. Enjoy.

[link, via Gizmodo]

Watch These People Try Coca-Cola For The First Time


Believe it or not, there are people who’ve actually been living under rocks, that have never tried a Coca-Cola.

Brought to us by BuzzFeed Video, the excuses from these people — who are indeed full-grown Americans – range anywhere from having a mom who was very strict about sugar, to being a Pepsi purist. Not all of them having grown up in a strange cult, as we assumed also.

The reactions to their first Coke experience then range from being absolutely horrified, to the same child-like enthusiasm you’d expect from someone who was denied sugar their entire life… Or, just having escaped a cult. Enjoy.