How To Cook Canned Ravioli With A Volcano


YouTube member lavapix makes it a habit of placing contained food items alongside an active volcano — just to see what happens.

Next on the menu, canned ravioli. Now, does the can of Chef Boyardee actually cook? We’re not sure, as it just explodes all over the place.

On second thought, perhaps this should have been titled, “How Not To Cook Canned Ravioli With A Volcano.” My bad.

[link, via Sploid]

Should We Eat Bugs?


Wait… Before you answer that question, watch the video provided below by TED-Ed. Beginning at a time when humans actually considered them a delicacy, the film goes on to pinpoint when and why we may have lost our taste for critters.

TED-Ed also makes a pretty convincing argument of why we should eat bugs now. Please watch…

[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

Watch People Taste Play-Doh For The First Time


As kids, we always assumed that the “Non-Toxic” claim on a can of Play-Doh was nothing but a dare. However, as seen in the video Edible Sweet Art, there are still grown adults who claim to have never tried to eat the ‘edible’ dough.

Watch these liars feign a surprised reaction, as they try to convince us that this is actually their first time. Or, perhaps eating it as a kid is just an unfortunate memory that they’ve suppressed.

It’s understandable, considering that Play-Doh does tastes like Poseidon’s butthole. Please watch…

[link, via Gizmodo]

The Sound of Taste, A Video of Spice Bags Exploding In Slow-Motion


Looking to spice up your morning? A new commercial for Schwartz Flavour Shots contains a beautiful display of exploding spice bags.

And, this is far from just an excuse to blow shit up, as the fireworks are played in slow-motion and synchronized to music — creating what Schwartz describes as a ‘Sonic Flavourscape.’

The mix of black peppercorns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chilli and coriander also create a beautiful display of color and textures. Now, please watch this video of shit blowing up.

[link, via Colossal]

Hipsters Love Beer, A Video That Throws Shade At The Craft Beer Movement


Craft beer is slowly becoming the new wine… In terms of douchebaggery. And, unsurprisingly, hipsters appear to be leading the charge.

Hipsters Love Beer is brought to us by Nacho Punch. The comedy group’s main target is the unfortunate hipster and their unbearable pretentiousness. However, craft beer itself is also thrown little shade — with its abundance of flavor profiles that give hipsters ample opportunity to use adverbs. Please watch…

[via Eater]