Tiny Hamsters Adorably Eating Tiny Spaghetti


We’ve seen hamsters eating burritos and giving thanks for sawdust and running wheels. This time, love is in the air, and apparently Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusive to humans.

Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date, by Hello Denizen, follows a few love-struck rodents through their date night. There’s even a romantic gondola ride, complete with accordion music and a spaghetti dinner.

And, if you’ve never seen hamsters eat spaghetti before… SPOILER… It’s mind-blowingly adorable.


Watch Chinese People Taste Panda Express For The First Time


If you’re not familiar with Panda Express… Try to picture your favorite Chinese restaurant being bought out by McDonald’s, the food Americanized even further, and then that ‘restaurant’ being placed in every mall food court in the country. Most likely next to a McDonald’s.

Well, as long as Panda Express is going to exist, Buzzfeed decided to have a little fun, by having a few Chinese people sit down for a taste test.

The results are unsurprisingly varied. Please watch…


Watch An Orange Explode at 62,000 FPS


For no reason whatsoever, you can now watch an orange explode at a frame rate that truly captures all of the pulpy chaos.

Brought to us by Slo Mo Lab, the orange is loaded with a small firework, and the explosion is filmed at 62,000 FPS. For those who have no idea what that means, it’s OK.

Just know that the camera used to do this is very expensive, and the filmmaker protected it from the explosion with a plastic Wal-Mart bag. Please enjoy.

[link, via Gizmodo]

A Cheesy Love Story, The Crowdsourced Doritos Ad They’d Rather You Not See


The Doritos Super Bowl Commercial contest is upon us. Crowdsourced commercials, made by aspiring filmmakers and comedians, are saturating your YouTube and Facebook feeds as we speak, vying for your votes.

Sum of Us starts out with the same comedic zest and Doritos love that we tend to see from other entries. This commercial however, although thoroughly awesome, eventually squelches our notion that Doritos are made from unicorn tears and horse whinnies.

Now, please put down the Doritos and watch the video below. Then you can find out more about the Sum of Us cause here.

[link, via The Awesomer]

TACOCAT, A Music Video About A Taco Cat and Palindromes


Taco Cat, besides being a magical and elusive animal, is also a wonderful palindrome — meaning that it’s spelled the same forward and backwards.

Singer-songwriter Parry Gripp, who recently brought us Burrito Van, keeps the Tex-Mex love going with TACOCAT — a fun animated music video and spelling lesson. Please watch this, and have fun getting the song unstuck from your head today.

[link, via Laughing Squid]