Why Tipping Should Be Banned, An Educational Video


Why do we tip our servers? Is it because we genuinely feel better rewarding our waiter or waitress for a job well done? We have excess cash that we feel would be better spent by others. Or, the most popular answer… out of guilt.

Adam Conover of CollegeHumor brings us Why Tipping Should Be Banned. The short video provides some insight into what is essentially an antiquated and very American thing to do at the end of a meal. Besides tipping not making sense financially for the business owner or the customer, it provides unnecessary stress and math. Not to mention the dirty looks from the server who you just floated 11% to.

So, should tipping be banned? Please watch this, while we await angry comments from current and/or former restaurant workers.


The Best Music Video About Watermelons That You’ll See Today


If you love watermelon, as Tom Rosenthal does, you might go so far as to dress up like one and dedicate a song and music video to it… like Tom did. Watermelons make us do strange things.

In this bizarre video, appropriately titled ‘Watermelon,’ we see Tom dressed as the large fruit, prancing and singing along the countryside.

The lyrics go something like… ‘Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, it’s watermelon time.” And, so on and so forth. Please watch.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

What They Really Ate At The First Thanksgiving


When we think of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner — the requisite turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and creepy uncles comes to mind.

Guardian Food takes us back to the very first Thanksgiving meal in 1621, showing us that it was far from the meal that’s now synonymous with giving thanks.

Turkey probably wasn’t even on the menu, as wild turkeys may have been a bit too fast for the pilgrims to hunt. Ducks and geese, more the early-settler’s speed, were the go-to bird — while the absence of sugar at the time, would’ve made cranberry sauce impossible.

We have to imagine that pilgrims and native Americans had questionable relatives though. See… just like Thanksgiving.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Your Brain On Coffee, An Educational Video


Have you ever wondered why coffee has the ability to both keep us awake, and make us feel less stabby in the morning?

Your Brain on Coffee, brought to us by AsapScience, explains what caffeine is actually doing to our mind grapes. Most importantly, we discover what not only makes us crave caffeine, but why we eventually need more and more to remain functional.

The best part… AsapScience also explains why it’s physically impossible to overdose on caffeine. So, throw back all the mocha-choca lattes you’d like, and have fun trying to sleep this week.


Creamlapse, A Beautiful Time-Lapse Video of Ice Cream Melting


It’s summer and ice cream’s gonna melt. So, we might as well try to appreciate the hypnotic beauty of this process.

Creamlapse is brought to us by filmmaker Mateo Cabeza. The video is melting ice cream and nothing but melting ice cream, and we have no problem with that. Please enjoy.

[link, via Sploid]