Gingerbread Yoga Men Cupcakes

The last time that we saw Gingerbread Yoga Men by Patti of Baked Ideas — they were just being all cute, striking their yoga poses. Well, since gaining some internet popularity, our gingerbread men have found some comfy fondant yoga mats, and have upgraded to cupcake form.

Although the smaller version of the cookie cutters aren’t yet available — you can still get your regular-sized Gingerbread Yoga Men from Baked Ideas. And, if ninjas are more your thing — we’ve got you covered.

[link, via Baked Ideas]


  1. Sherry says

    Hi Chris! Fantastic Idea, and sooo adorable! I have been asked to make the treats for my friends’ yoga-themed birthday party, and we both gasped when we saw this picture (as they are perfect for the occasion)! My question is – where did you get the mini gingerbread yoga cutters that fit on top of the the cupcakes? I have found the regular-sized ones, no problem. If you could share that little trade secret, I would be ever so grateful!
    Thank you, and keep up the great work!

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