Fifty Shades of Chicken

So this is happening. There has certainly been no shortage of Fifty Shades of Grey parodies. But now, we see cookbooks getting in on the erotic action, with Fifty Shades of Chicken. The question then becomes, how one spins an erotic novel/porn into a cookbook. But it will surely involve pages and pages of heavy brining, trussing, and the occasional spatchcocking.

Actually, the recipes are interspersed into a story similar to ‘Grey,’ with chicken-related puns and poultry innuendo galore. Recipes include Dripping Thighs, Sticky Chicken Fingers, Bacon-Bound Wings, and Mustard-Spanked Chicken. Available for pre-order here.



  1. Fifty Shades of Bacon is also available! No pre-order needed, as it is available for shipment today! or Amazon – Check it out.

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