The Greatest Snake Cake That You Will See Today

No, that is not an actual Burmese python protecting a chocolate cake… It is the cake. The hyperrealistic cake python was created by North Star Cakes, and is as edible as it is terrifying.

Although this was a one-off design for a birthday party, Francesca of North Star Cakes will gladly quote you a price, if you’d like one to help scare the shit out of your party guests.



  1. Cindy. Smith says:

    Where in USA can I buy this cake?

  2. As a baker, I have to say this is the most amazing cake I have EVER seen! Unbelievable!!

  3. I hate snakes, but I must recognize this snake cake is spectacular. Good work. Congratulations.

  4. THX foodiggity for posting these pics & this is what i posted to Francesca of North Star Cakes’ facebook: “Phenomenal! BRAVO North Star Cakes Y’all be bakin’ like a boss :D”

  5. This is looking so Yummy & Scary Cake 😛 really awesome work


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