The Knuckle Pounder Will Help Keep Those Cutlets In Line


Is that ribeye acting all tough again? Or, perhaps you’d just like to keep a few cutlets in line? The Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer is here to help.

Your new fist of fury is made from cast aluminum, and available at The Foodiggity Shop.

There’s a Salami of the Month Club


Sure, you’ll probably be getting your membership to the jelly of the month club again this year — but there’s so cured meats involved. Brought to us by Olympic Provisions, the Salami of The Month Club will provide a new salumi product to your door every month.

And, these guys don’t mess around, as they employ what they call a ‘Salumist.’ We’re not sure what that is, but it sounds like a reaaally awesome salami guy.


[link, via HiConsumption]

Mustache Bag Clips, For Keeping Your Chips Fresh and Dapper


Keep that chip bag closed and dapper with Mustache Bag Clips. Whether you sport a handlebar stache or a classic “natural,” your bag of chips will remain fresh and mustachioed.

Available in a pack of three at The Foodiggity Shop.




Face It, You Like Playing With Your Food

Finally, you can play with your food and make faces at the table — without feeling the wrath of Mom. The Food Face Dinner Plate is a blank canvas for the aspiring food artist with questionable table manners. Spaghetti goatee? A mashed potato mullet? The only limit to your creativity, is whatever’s for dinner.

Check it out over at the Foodiggity Shop.


Fortune Telling Bacon


It’s official… There’s nothing that bacon cannot do. Now you can skip those phony psychics and tarot cards and let Fortune Telling Bacon let you know what’s up.

Available in a package of 50, the bacon strips magically react to its holder by the way it curls. As expected, the future doesn’t look good for vegetarians.

Moves Left – Chewy Goodness 
Moves Right – Crispy 
Both Ends Move – Sizzling Hot 
Sides Curl – Canadian 
Flips Over – Spicy 
Curls up Entirely – Greasy 
Lies Motionless – Vegetarian