Oreo Milk And Cookie Ice Cubes Are A Good Idea


Note… Ice cubes made with water are stupid. Oreo Milk and Cookie Cubes, part of Oreo’s Snack Hacks series, are the future.

Simply take an ice tray, fill it with milk instead of water [remember, water is stupid] then crumble up some Oreos, and freeze. The cookie cubes go perfectly with iced coffee or a tall glass of milk with Oreos crumbled in it. Even better if they’re brain-shaped, or if you make some milk and cookie smiley faces.



  1. […] I’m sorry for the low quality photos, you can click here to go to the website where I learnt this food hack. […]

  2. […] (From Oreo’s Facebook page, via Foodiggity) […]

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