Mini-Meal: Miniature Food Art by Jessica Hlavac

photo: Jessica Hlavac

Patience and portion control are the mantra of LA-based micro-sculptor Jessica Hlavac. Showcased on her blog, i’m so tiny, Hlavac creates these mini masterpieces using clay, pastels, and varnish.

“There is something exciting about seeing an everyday object, which is inherently comforting, in a new perspective,” Hlavac toldĀ Crushable. “It makes them wake up for a second, like a magic trick.”

photo: Jessica Hlavac

And rather than adding the unnecessary pretentiousness of mini fine china — the food is placed purposefully on the face of a coin, or resting on the side of a knife for a bit of perspective.

Prints of Hlavac’s work can be purchased at her Etsy store, or viewed at her blog i’m so tiny.

[via GOOD]

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