Gummi Bear Joker

Foodiggity is ecstatic to welcome a guest post from Scott of Foogos. It’s best if we just let him speak now…

It’s been a wild year for my baby, Foogos, and it’s so flattering when other people want to bring you into their corner of the universe to share your deranged visions. Case in point, here I am at Foodiggity.

I’ll openly admit, I have a love/hate relationship with this site. I love all the wonderful foodie posts Chris shares, but I hate how I have to wrestle with not buying bacon and egg mittens, alphabet Jell-O molds, and the like. And as a bit of a health nut, I can do without my brain and belly conspiring against me when I see the occasional mouthwatering cheeseburger or whatever up here. Anyway, I’m excited to be an infinitesimal part of Foodiggity, but unsure what I should bring to the table.

Finally, I got a rare haircut this morning, and it was during the lightening of the load on my dome that the idea struck me: The Joker. Gummi bears. Booya. (I said it.) Cesar Romero’s rendition of the Clown Prince of Crime was my first experience with the Joker  — thank you, WPIX reruns. I also love gummi bears. I nibble on a few when I run marathons for a bit of sugar — but mostly I’m relegated to the two-a-day vitamin variety. Anyhoo, it seemed like a perfect match to pair these two loves together.

I went through exactly two 3 lbs bags of Haribo gummies (cheers to you, Amazon), and when I thought I was done, I’d realized I gave Joker an unwanted mullet.

So I went back, swapped out some red bears in the top left with the green mullets at the bottom, and came up with the final product. I may turn this Joker/bears piece into one of a series, recreating all the major players from 1966’s Batman. Feel free to reach out with comments or suggestions for future Foogos ideas. I’ll add them to my list.

Want more Foogos? Head over to Scott’s site here. You can also check out his arsenal of sports and pop culture related food art here. And follow the Foogos on Twitter and Facebook. Booya!



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