Girl Scout Cookies By The Numbers

Those adorable little scamps, The Girl Scouts, will soon be stationed outside of your local post office and Wal-Mart selling their delicious cookies. But of all the varieties of Girl Scout Cookies, which actually sells the most? And is your go-to cookie amongst the most popular?

This handy cookie chart is here to help. Perhaps you’d simply like to run with the popular crowd and grab a dozen boxes of Thin Mints — again. But please don’t let the numbers discourage you from buying your Trefoils — even though they clearly suck. Cookie charts don’t lie.

[via Wired]


  1. […] a sandwich cookie, shortbread and a chocolate mint, now known as Thin Mint cookies, which currently account for 25 percent of all Girl Scout cookie sales. Currently there are two bakeries licensed to produce eight varieties, and your access to certain […]

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