Foodiggity’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. Gifts need to be bought for friends, co-workers and loved ones, and you’re just not up for any type of creative thinking. Foodiggity is here to help. But unlike our past Holiday Gift Guides, Foodiggity now has a little shop of its own, and we have very cool gifts available for almost anyone on your list. You’re welcome.

For The Rockstar Omelette Maker… The Flipper Guitar Spatula

Whether you know an air guitarist or a certified shredder, The Flipper Guitar Spatula will help them turn over their favorite food item, while advertising that they’re are a slave to Rock & Roll. [$12 at The Foodiggity Shop]


For The Aspiring Lo Mein Eater… Chopstick Kids

Why should the adults, with their large hands and advanced motor skills, have all of the fun on Chinese Night? Chopstick Kids are a great training tool for kids who want in on the Lo Mein-eating action. Available for a boy or a girl. [$10 at The Foodiggity Shop]


For The Lover of Quirky Food T-Shirts… Foodiggity-Approved Tees

Foodiggity-Approved T-Shirts are here to help keep that special person on your list from having to go topless. And they can express some food love while they’re at it. [from $14, available at The Foodiggity Shop]


For The Happy Drunk… Have An Ice Day Ice Trays

Help the mean drinker on your list turn that frowny drink upside down, with The Have An Ice Day Ice Cube Tray. Or, freeze up some smiley faces with the kids, and drop a few in their watered-down apple juice. [$7 at The Foodiggity Shop]


For The Enlightened Butter Lover… The Buddha Butter Dish

Whether they’re Buddhist or not, The Buddha Butter Dish will supply someone on your list with the coolest butter protector around. And who doesn’t like a fat guy lounging around the fridge? [$19 at The Foodiggity Shop]


For The Cubicle Captive… The Dine Ink Pen Set

The Dine Ink Pen Set is perfect for the workaholic in your life. They’ll never have to leave their desk again with this set of desktop cutlery — including a fork, spoon, and knife. The recipient might even get around to sending you an impersonal thank you email… someday. [$8 at The Foodiggity Shop]


For The Future Food Artist In The Family… Food Face Dinner Plate

Keep your elbows off the table. Don’t chew with your mouth full. But DO play with your food, with The Food Face Dinner Plate. Encourage the young, aspiring food artist on your list, or the grown-up who still can’t behave at the dinner table. [$12 at The Foodiggity Shop]

Thanks for stopping by Foodiggity’s Holiday Gift Guide — we hope it helps. And please feel free to stop by The Foodiggity Shop for even more stuff. Happy Holidays!


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