Do-It-Yourself Gummy Sushi

Do-it-yourself hyperrealistic candy sushi has never been easier with the Popin’ Cookin! Do-It-Yourself Sushi Kit.

From gummy tuna, to disturbing orbs of gelatinous salmon roe — kids can get an early lesson in Japanese culture, science, and disappointment. Surprisingly, there is no entry-level ‘California gummy’ for less-experimental children.

A certified awesome instructional video can be found here.

[link, via Boing Boing]


  1. says

    Although this wouldn’t be the first time that a Japanese company has teased children with non-edible food-making toys, this appears to be actual candy…

    According the their site:
    “All the products in this brilliantly designed intellectual education candy series allow you and your friends to mold and create realistic looking edible sweets.”

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