World’s Most Expensive Hamburger

Serendipity 3 in New York City is at it again. But rather than an over-the-top sundae for rich people, they recently set the record for the world’s most expensive hamburger. Officially titled Le Burger Extravagant [douche chill], the $295 burger is a mix of Japanese Wagyu beef infused with 10-herb white truffle butter, and a list of anger-inducing ingredients that continues for what seems like forever.

Profits from the burger will be donated to The Bowery Mission — a nonprofit organization that feeds and assists the New York City’s homeless population. Maybe they’d like a cheeseburger?

[via Laughing Squid]


  1. Thanks Franz… We received an onslaught of emails and comments — even from 666 burger themselves — to correct the burger debate. We’re on it.

  2. This is incorrect info…

    The most expensive burger in NYC costs $666 and is served by a food truck…and it is called a Douche Burger

    Check the supporting info:

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