Why People Tend To Hate Vegans

Although not all vegans are bad — some of my best friends know a vegan — we do get a few that are so insufferable and self-righteous, that they give all leaf-eaters a bad name.

We present Exhibit A and B for your consideration — an actual note written by a vegan to her meat-eater roommate. Prepare to get angry.

[via Passive -Aggressive Notes]


  1. bolekwa says

    Wow, wow, wow, either she’s joined an extremist vegan group or she’s going to end up a very unhappy and mocked person.
    I’m vegan, but prefer to live my life as an example of how “normal” veganism is and don’t preach about it, it’s people like her that gives all vegans a bad name.
    At most I would agree to split the cupboards and fridge into a “meat” and “no-meat” section (that is, if she’s actually a nice person who’s just been influenced too much by extremists). But if she won’t meet me half way, I’d move. Someone like that is just going to be a pain in the *rse the whole time, she won’t stop.

  2. says

    “i am truly disturbed by the lack of respect for my feelings and morals.” because NOT eating meat is more a set of morals than eating it? I think that most of the veggies and vegans in the world would laugh at this person right in the face. i know i would. “please think about changing your diet”. that’s not something anyone can do unless it is self-motivated. it would be like saying “please consider changing your religion a little.” or “please consider to stop working as a copy machine salesperson, because I don’t like seeing you working as a copy machine salesperson.” this person has no say.


  3. Abby says

    I am vegan but absolutely despise when people feel the need to preach their views on other people. It’s a personal choice if people want to eat meat let them! If they’re uneducated about the meat industry (like 90% of population) and you feel they should know, then educate them. If they still choose to eat meat, leave it! Don’t understand why this person who wrote this letter thinks the world revolves around her.

  4. Dan says

    I’ve been a lacto vegetarian for over 5 yrs before I became a vegan 8 months ago. It’s quite interesting to note that this letter which would have seemed extreme before now looks like a compassionate plea on behalf of other living beings. I guess it’s all about perceptions and how they change.

  5. says

    Thanks for some vegan perspective on this. It is like anything that is built on a strong belief system… you’ll always get extremists like this. One thing though, they never skimp on the unintentional comedy. Bravo crazy vegan lady.

  6. says

    So, I read this whole letter. And I must say, I laughed the whole time.

    I am personally a vegan, but I’m clearly not vegan enough if this made me laugh. Maybe I don’t take my veganism seriously enough.

    2 and 3 are my favorite parts and read, for all the world, like a jealous lover who is enraged by his frequent attention to his “meat.” The best part is when the author mentions the trashy snacks. I imagine a woman who’s found her husbands porn stash and is lecturing him and that smut!

    And THEN, after the reeming, the author tries to “convert” the recipient.

    Just, wow. Yes, it’s people like that that give vegans a bad name.

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