Wacky Packages, Making Fun of American Products One Sticker at a Time

photo by Christian Montone

For those who didn’t grow up in the 70s or early 80s, Wacky Packages might be lost on you. Because it was around that time that the satirical sticker series was at its popularity apex, and its sophomoric play on words was actually considered high comedy.

Originally released in 1967 by Topps, Wacky Packages bashed U.S. products, and were a thinly-veiled criticism of American advertising and consumerism. But that wasn’t what made kids at the time collect these by the pack. Rather, it was our familiarity with the everyday products and awesome illustration, mixed with gross-out humor. And that’s also what made any flat surface a potential canvas for a Wacky Packages sticker collage.

From Footsie Rolls and Plastered Peanuts to Hostage Cupcakes and Raw Goo Spaghetti Sauce — no consumer product was safe from being mocked in sticker form. Who remembers these and/or had a fridge covered in them?



[special thanks to Christian of Art Skool Damage for the photos]




  1. says

    Wow, what a flashback, Chris! I collected Wacky Package cards when I was a kid. I wonder how many future graphic artists were influenced by these… 😉

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