Vote With Your Coffee at 7-Eleven

Because our best decisions are always made before we’ve had our coffee, the 7-Election is back. With two coffee cups to choose from, blue for the incumbent Obama, or red for Romney — choosing a president has never been easier. Just stop by your local 7-Eleven to grab a coffee/cast your vote, and you can show off which party you roll with all the way to work.

As we speak, Obama leads the 7-Election with 52% of cup grabbers, over Romney’s 42%… There must be more tea drinkers in the red states. And, if you were thinking of voting for the Green Party, we’ve got you covered.

[link, via AdWeek]


  1. […] Americans have countless media outlets to turn to when tracking the race to the White House. I, however, turn to my local 7-Eleven, which is back with its 2012 7-Election coverage. The convenience store offers patrons voters two coffee cups from which to choose: blue for Obama, or red for Romney. As of Friday morning, the president maintained a 58 percent to 42 percent lead over the GOP contender. Perhaps that’s because Tea Party supporters are drinking Snapple. (via Foodiggity) […]

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