Transforming a Coke Bottle Into Art by Eric Barclay

Covered here before at Foodiggity, Eric Barclay¬†uses his signature style to repurpose packaging into beautiful and playful works of art. His latest work tells the story of Ranjit and Indira, using matte acrylic and utilizing the contours of the package — in this case, a 2-liter Coke bottle.

Ranjit and his elephant Indira
Carried the orphans through tiger country
And the tiger through people country
As they journeyed to the Valley
Of Never Ending Happiness

[link, thanks Eric and Kirsten]


  1. J’adore…

  2. Agreed.

  3. My little brother strikes again!! I don’t know how he sees this stuff.
    It’s amazing cause it looks like it’s moving. Eric is brilliant.
    One amazing artist.

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