This Is Now The World’s Hottest Pepper

photo: wstryder/Flickr

Having the general appearance of something actually spawned from hell, the Naga Viper is the new hottest chili in the world. It surpasses the hotness of the Bhut Jolokia, or ‘ghost chili’, by more than 300,000 points on the Scoville Heat Scale, and is rumored to be hot enough to strip paint. So, naturally it should be no match for a human colon.

Because nature is certainly not evil enough to create such a thing, the Naga Viper is actually a franken-chili created by a mad scientist/chili farmer, who crossed the three hottest peppers in the world. Contrary to creator Gerald Fowler’s opinion, who claims that eating a Naga Viper-based curry ‘does the body good’, the pepper appears to be a bit inappropriate for human consumption. Evidenced by the waiver one must sign before eating.

The rumor is that the hell spawn will only be used as a spicy new bioweapon — or the inevitable Man v. Food challenge.

[NY Daily News, via Neatorama]


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