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The new Foodiggity Shop has taken off… To help celebrate, and to encourage folks to check it out, we have some special offers to share.

Now, until August 2nd, use coupon code LAUNCH15 to take 15%-off your entire order. And, if your cart subtotal is $60 or more, it ships for FREE within the U.S.

So, head over and check out the new digs. Let us know how we did… We’d love to hear from you.

Hot stuff at The Foodiggity Shop


The BBQ Apron Guide Is Here To Help


Be prepared, protected, and ready to grill with the BBQ Apron Guide. The full-length apron will not only protect the griller’s clothes from grease and sauce stains, but acts as a handy cooking guide.

Printed upside down, an arsenal of summer cooking knowledge is available with a simple flip of the bottom half.

Need to remind yourself of proper cooking temperatures?… check. Looking for a quick BBQ sauce recipe on the fly? Done and done. Just don’t get yourself too dirty at the grill, or you’re on your own.

100% Unbleached Cotton. Full-length. Printed guide on bottom half. New at The Foodiggity Shop.





Arm Yourself With A Venus de Wino Wine Stopper


Want a fancy and statuesque way to cover and protect your opened wine? The Venus de Wino Wine Stopper should be plugging your bottle.

The resin and cork wine stopper, despite her lack of arms, gets the job done. Your new Goddess of Love will look great at any party, and will make you look like you’re really into art… and drinking.

Resin and cork. Classic. Armless. New at The Foodiggity Shop.



Instant Photo Coasters Are A Nostalgic Way To Protect Your Tables


You’re nostalgic and you hate drink rings on your table… We know the type. Instant Photo Coasters are just the thing for you.

The set includes four tempered glass coasters that will protect your tables. The best part, is that you can insert your own photos.

Show off your kids, pets, or Instagram prowess — just before your guests plant their drink on it. No shaking required to get them to work. New at The Foodiggity Shop.

Four coasters. 3.75″ x 3.75″. Photos measure 3.3″ x 3.3″. Tempered glass. Insert included for photos.



It’s Game On! With Air Hockey Salt and Pepper Shakers


Now in stock. We’re always told not to play with our food. Nobody ever said anything about playing with the table accessories.

With the Air Hockey Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, when it’s dinner time, it’s GAME ON! They’re the perfect pair of shakers to have on the table if you need a rousing game of table hockey before properly seasoning your food.

The best part, the paddles have slippery felt on the bottom for easy sliding, and there’s an included puck. This will really help get a good game going… and to make mom as angry as possible.

Set includes one salt paddle shaker, one pepper paddle shaker and one puck. Food-safe, BPH-free and phthalate-free plastic.