Inedible Recipes, A Cookbook of Delicious Food Art


Cookbooks… They’re always filled with such delicious recipes, you know, the kind you can actually eat. But what if there was a book that contained recipes of deliciously inedible food?

Inedible Recipes, by artist Crystal Smith, explores the concept of filling a cookbook with food no longer fit for consumption. The series of food art, which uses various forms of media added to food, could be described as an artbook, photobook and cookbook all in one — as Smith does in fact supply the “recipes” for each piece.

Inedible Recipes is currently an Indiegogo project. You can visit Crystal’s page and help this project become a reality here.







Making Faces With Food by Victor Nunes


Do you ever feel like your food is staring back at you? Apparently, artist Victor Nunes sees faces in almost everything, and creates characters from random foodstuffs and other objects.

He’s also been known to bring loaves of bread and bananas to life with a little creative carving. Check out some more of Nunes’ work, or feel free to create your own food faces.



[link, via Incredible Things]

The Last Supper, A Series of Notebook Illustrations of Characters At The Dinner Table


Brought to us by Moscow-based artist Nataliya Platonova, The Last Supper is an illustration series of interesting characters sitting down for a meal.

As if the concept of the original Last Supper wasn’t grim enough, Platonova takes her series a bit further with noticeably depressed and morbid characters sitting down for a meal, which in most cases, involves some sort of cannibalism.

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[link, via Laughing Squid]

A Plate of Michael Jackson by Samantha Lee


Artist and mother Samantha Lee creates adorable kids’ meals, often including a cartoon or pop culture character. Recently, The King of Pop Michael Jackson was on the menu, with Lee paying homage via onigiri, charcoal noodle, nori, rice, and sesame seeds.

Check it out, it’s a thriller. Hee-Hee!


Fad Diets, A Photo Series of Diets That Didn’t Work


Most of us have probably never tried the Diet Coke and cigarette diet, or the all-orange food diet. And, it’s probably because these diets were merely fads, and fads are usually stupid.

Brought to us by photographer Stephanie Gonot, Fad Diets explores some of the more unfortunate solutions to being less fat. And, someone please explain how keeping a diet monocramatic helps make your butt jiggle less? See more of the photo seres here.





[link, via Feature Shoot]