A Red, White, and Blue, Pie-Stuffed Cake Because Murica


In what could be the most American thing to ever America, humorist Charles Phoenix has created the Cherbluble.

The pie-stuffed, three-layer cake arrives just in time to help celebrate America’s birthday. It’s not only red, white, and blue — but it’s also stuffed with a cherry, blueberry and apple pie.

If you’re feeling crafty and incredibly patriotic, Charles was nice enough to provide the recipe and instructions to make your own. U-S-A!! U-S-A!!



Tiny Hamster Hosts A Tiny 4th of July BBQ


Tiny Hamster, of tiny burrito and tiny Thanksgiving fame, is back and he’s celebrating Murica’s birthday.

Tiny Hamster’s Tiny BBQ sees our little friend feeling festive, and he’s invited a few of his adorable rodent friends over for some ‘grilled’ veggies.

They’re enjoying their little feast so much, that they don’t even notice the obligatory ‘fireworks.’ Please watch this.


Artist Completes Fashion Drawings With Food


What better way to conceptualize food as couture, than to actually use food items to complete fashion sketches?

Thankfully, artist Gretchen Röehrs enjoys fashion and playing with her food. She’s created a series of illustrations where various foodstuffs are cleverly-placed to act as dresses and other accessories.

Can’t wait to see these on the runway…







[link, via designtaxi]

Animal Crackers Living In The Wild


Despite their lack of flavor, off-putting beige hue, and their semblance to a failed lab experiment, Animal Crackers still exist.

But how would these grotesque beings look in the wild? Mashable gave this question some thought with a series of Animal Crackers As Living Creatures.

The illustrations show these unfortunate and monochromatic animals living like their colorful and often more palatable counterparts — from a hairless monkey trying to fit in, to a blob-like elephant. Check them out below and over at Mashable.









Somebody Deep-Fried A Big Mac and It’s As Horrifying As It Sounds


It’s officially ‘deep-fry-everything’ season, which coincides with ‘food-on-a-stick’ season. So, a Deep-Fried Big Mac impaled on a fork makes perfect sense.

Brought to us by Peep My Eats, the culinary monstrosity is made possible with a only a few ingredients. And, to help stick with the theme, it’s topped with Big Mac sauce.

Enjoy the season… it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year.


[link, via People]