Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker


Of all the things hockey players do with the Stanley Cup — such as drinking beer from it, using it to bathe a small child, or making jell-o — someone’s had to have eaten some popcorn out of it.

Either way, anyone can now act like a champion, with The Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker. Hockey’s holy grail will make a batch of popcorn in the bottom half, while the top cup part will act as a serving bowl.

Get the full experience by engraving the names of all of your guests on the side, and then throwing it in the pool.*





*please don’t do either of these things.


Pineapple Haircuts Are A Thing


Have you ever wished that you could sit down in the barber’s chair and simply say, “Just give me the pineapple”? Well, that time is now, my friend — as it appears that the Pineapple Haircut is a thing.

With the evidence that we currently have in place, there are at least two humans walking around with the pineapple-do. And, as far as we know, the pineapple heads are not from Hawaii, nor do they work for Dole… making this trend even stranger. Please enjoy.

[link, via Neatorama]

The Baking Pot Is A Coffee Pot and A Toaster


Mornings can be hectic. And, we don’t have time for the coffee machine and the toaster being in two different places.

The Baking Pot is here to solve your morning dilemma, by getting you fed and caffeinated with one machine. Up top, a coffee pot. Underneath, a handy toaster.

This marvel of engineering is a concept brought to us by South Korean designers, Won Kang and Hyo Kang & Min Kyu. Not for sale as of yet… you’ll just have to wake up a few minutes earlier to make up for that two separate appliance issue we spoke about earlier. Damn you, mornings!!



[via Yanko Design]

Chimichachos Are Nachos Made With Mini Chimichangas


Sorry, tortilla chips… you’ve been replaced. But hang your head high, you crispy triangles, as you’ve served our nachos well to this point.

Thanks to our friends over at Thrillist, there are now Chimichachos… which are nachos made with mini-chimichangas instead of our outdated chips.

Not only could this new concoction be your new favorite appetizer and/or drunk-food, but the name chimichachos is extremely fun to say. It sounds like the name of a cool luchador, or the Mexican version of The Fonz’s nephew.




The Snackpack is a Backpack Made Entirely of Junk Food


If the kids are looking for a delicious new backpack, the concept of the Snackpack is here to help.

Created by food-blogger Christina Guan, the yummy carrying apparatus is created entirely with junk food. Even the straps, which are fruit chews taped together.

It will certainly help keep the kids from getting hungry during the day. Although, it might encourage them to wear their backpack backwards.



[link, via Buzzfeed]