Awesome Dad Makes Full-Color Pancakes For His Kid


If you’re still serving your kids round beige pancakes… you’re doing it wrong.

Brought to us by Redditor ptgkbgte, these full-color works of pancake art were made by a creative friend of his.

It’s a shame that these need to be totally covered in butter and syrup.






[link, via Laughing Squid]

Pizza Socks Will Deliver Good Foot Coverage


Show off your love of pizza, and get some much-needed calf coverage, with Pizza Knee High Socks.

Laden with yummy cheese and pepperoni, wear them with your other pizza couture… We know you have some.


This Billboard Made Entirely of Cake Is Good Advertising


Billboards have been getting more and more creative recently. Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten any more edible. Britain-based Mr. Kipling and agency JWT London have teamed up to solve this real world problem, with a billboard made entirely of cake.

The outdoor ad, created to promote Mr. Kipling’s ‘Life is better with Cake’ campaign, consists of 13,360 individual confectionaries painstakingly applied over seven hours. The billboard was then slowly disassembled and eaten by hungry passersby. Real world problem, solved.



[via Adweek]

A Fried Chicken Keyboard and Mouse Exists Because Japan


KFC Japan, as a promotional campaign to get you to follow them on Twitter, has come up with a series of fried chicken accessories for your desktop.

The highlight of the set is a keyboard, complete with fried chicken keys. And, no worries about the chicken keyboard looking out of place, as it’s complemented by a fried chicken mouse.

Unfortunately, the KFC desktop is not available for sale. However, each accessory will be rewarded to a few lucky folk who follow KFC Japan on Twitter. Good luck, and hopefully you’ll be double-clicking your new drumstick soon.



[link, via Kotaku]

This Artist’s Take on Happy Meals Is The Fast Food We Deserve


Happy Meals have been catered to little kids for far too long. And, we want our combo meal with included toy!

Artist Newt Clements has come up with a series of Happy Meals that is a bit more adult. From The Big Lebowski, Breaking Bad, and a plethora of horror movie Happy Meals… these themes would surely be too much for a youngster to handle. But honestly… Are they any scarier than this guy?

See the entire Happy Meals series on Pinterest.







[link, via Lost At E Minor]