A Romantic Man Sent His Girlfriend A Dozen Flours


Welsh gentleman and romantic, Richard Selway, took full advantage of a good sense of humor and homophones, sending his girlfriend a dozen flours.

Figuring the delivery was a joke, Paige-Ellen Williams almost sent the Tesco delivery man away, before confirming the romantic gesture with her boyfriend via text.

Hopefully, just for being a first-class wiseass, Richard got at least some pie out of the deal.


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Hello Kitty Pop-Tarts


If your current toaster pastries aren’t painfully adorable enough, you can make your own Hello Kitty Pop-Tarts.

Rachel of Kawaii Sweet World is here to show us the way, with this handy tutorial. If you’d like to make your own, it only takes a few pie crusts, jelly beans and icing. Then it’s time to bite Kitty’s adorable face off. Enjoy.

DIY Hello Kitty Pop-Tarts!The cutest Hello Kitty Pop-Tarts

Posted by PopSugar Food on Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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The McWhopper, A Proposed Merger of The Whopper and Big Mac To Encourage Fast Food Peace


Burger King and McDonald’s have been at it for decades, battling for fast food supremacy. Now, with Peace One Day approaching, Burger King wants to call a truce, by merging each franchise’s signature burger.

The McWhopper would not only combine a Big Mac and Whopper into one sandwich, but would create a hybrid pop-up restaurant and branded employee uniforms.

Burger King is putting on a full-court press to get McDonald’s on board — launching a website, full page ads, and YouTube videos to promote the peace offering.

Please make the right move, McDonald’s. The fate of worldwide fast food peace hangs in the balance.

Update: McDonald’s has already decided not to give peace a chance, recently squelching the idea. You can read their PR-friendly response on Facebook.




These Star Wars Beer Steins Are Most Impressive


Whether you’re drinking at your home base, or a party far far away — a proper drinking vessel is a must.

Star Wars Beer Steins are here to help make you the coolest drinker this side of Mos Eisley. R2-D2 could be the stein you’re looking for, unless you’d prefer Boba Fett to hold your bounty.

If you’re a mean drinker, or prefer dark ales, there’s always Darth Vader. Check them all out here, and may the froth be with you.