The Jason Hockey Mask Spoon Will Murder Your Soup


With Halloween and an inevitable Friday the 13th coming up, we’ve found the perfect spoon for you. The Friday The 13th Jason Hockey Mask Spoon is handcrafted by Etsy member BlackDeath777.

The spoon is meant as a novelty and not for actual use. For one, the handcrafting leaves a few sharp edges that will murder your mouth. That, and it’s another spoon full of holes.

Sugar Skull Spoon

Sugar Skull Spoon


How To Make A Hunger Games Pie


If your district is having a bake sale, or you’d just like to provide a tribute to a few hungry family members, The Hunger Games Pie is here to help.

Designed to look like the Hunger Games logo, you can be the Katniss of your kitchen. Make your own here… hopefully yours doesn’t catch fire.

[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

Red Velvet Oreos May Or May Not Exist


OK, people… Try to remain calm. It’s all been leading up to this, and this is what you’ve been trained for.

Photos of Red Velvet Oreos have surfaced. Although, Nabisco is being rather cryptic about the cookie’s actual existence, their official comments have left the door open for an eventual mass production.

Cookie conspiracy theorists have already weighed-in on the authenticity of the packaging, and a few marketing students have staked claim to the shenanigans.

Either way, based on the attention this apparent hoax has already received, we believe that Nabisco will eventually do the right thing. That is, to start making some Red Velvet Oreos, pronto. Then, take Candy Corn Oreos out back and have them shot.

[via That's Nerdalicious]

Behold The All-Cheese Whoopie Pie


We recently learned that when you anger The Vulgar Chef with uninspired cookbooks, stuff like the 100% Cheese Whoopie Pie happens.

Made with a mac and cheese bun, the filling is made complete with a few sprays of Easy Cheese.

So, please step it up, cookbook writers. We do not know what this man is capable of next. Actually, keep doing what you’re doing… Foodiggity needs the material.


The New KFC Double Down Doubles Down On The Double Down


Remember the culinary wonder that was the KFC Double Down? Well, that chicken sandwich is now chicken feed.

The KFC Zinger Double Down King sticks with the fried chicken as bun game plan, and there’s still bacon in-between. Only now, a third animal has been introduced, with the inclusion of a burger patty.

Sorry, for anyone watching their carbs outside of South Korea, as Double Down 2.0 is currently only available there. You’ll have to find your trinity of barnyard animals elsewhere.