It’s A Frap!! The Admiral Ackbar Crocheted Drink Sleeve



If you’re storming the Death Star — again — you’ll probably want to keep your drink warm in the process. The Admiral Ackbar Drink Sleeve is here to help, with a beautifully-crocheted accessory, fit for any beverage.

The cozie was created by Flickr member Overweight Glob of Grease. It includes the face of our fearless rebellion leader, googly eyes and all.

[link, via That’s Nerdalicious]

A Unicorn Farting A Rainbow Cake


Unicorns may or may not exist. However, it’s a fact that they are filled with wonderful rainbows. Natalie of Sideserf Cake Studio has her facts straight, and has created the Unicorn Farting a Rainbow Cake.

The rainbow fart aside, Natalie’s attention to detail on the actual unicorn is extraordinary. She even manages to give the mystical beast a look on its face of relief and self-satisfaction at what it has done. Good job, uni.




Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots


Line ’em up… Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots are brought to us by Dominique Ansel. And, if that name sounds familiar, it’s the same pastry chef behind the mile-long-line-forming Cronut.

The yummy shots are actual cookies — baked and shaped to help contain a shot of milk. They’re debuting at SXSW, because of course they are.

Although, there’s been no mention of the Cookie Shots making their way back to NYC to sell at Ansel’s bakery — there should be a line of hipsters forming  there shortly. Just in case.

[link, via Gizmodo]

Awesome Coffee Cup Art by Miguel Cardona Jr.


Here at Foodiggity, we loves us some coffee cup art. However, Miguel Cardona Jr. might have just created some of the best we’ve seen, by combining a few of our favorite things.

Cardona — with a focus on coffee, robots, aliens, and other pop culture imagery — has created a series of throw-away cups that are worth keeping. As a matter of fact, Cardona is selling some of the series, with profits being donated to Project Night Night.







[link, via TAXI]