Mark Your Drink, Be Dapper With Mustache Drink Markers


At the time of this writing — mustaches are in, while drinking out of someone else’s glass is not. Luckily, there are Mustache Glass Markers to help make your drink unmistakable from other party guests’.

Whether you go Cossack-style or Proustian black, you’ll look dapper whilst drinking your pinot – even if you leave your lipstick marks too.

Available in a package of six different markers, they’re made of silicone, are reusable and very well-groomed. Available at The Foodiggity Shop.

Praise Cheesus, It’s The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

No longer will you need to create fake images of deities on your food to sell on eBay. The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press will easily burn an image of Jesus on your lunch — although it might lower the minimum bid significantly.

The Grilled Cheesus is available at The Foodiggity Shop. Check one out… It’s what Baby Jesus would’ve wanted.


Be A Kitchen Badass With The Tattoo Oven Mitt


Look a little tougher while baking with the Tattoo Oven Mitt. The lightweight mitt is adorned with a sleeve of intimidating tattoos, that’ll help make you look tough when reaching into the oven. Even if it’s for a quiche. Available here.



The Chemistry of Cookies


Put some cookie dough in the oven, set it to 350°F, and in 10-12 minutes, people will be losing their minds.

But as low-brow as stuffing your face with as many freshly-baked cookies may seem — there’s actually a lot of science involved in the process, as well as why cookies are nearly impossible to resist. Darn you, science!

Please watch this…


The Burt Reynolds Eclair… You’re Welcome, Ladies


It might be hard to believe if you weren’t a lonely housewife in the early-70s… But Burt Reynolds was once considered a sex symbol. So much so, that he once posed butt-nekkid on a bear skin rug, and the aforementioned women swooned. Now, the bear skin has been replaced with chocolate and cream, and the iconic image is now an eclair.

Brought to us by UK-based Lou Lou P’s Delights, the Burt Reynolds Eclair was created in honor of Movember UK… Which, not unlike the iconic photo that it’s helping to parody, is also all about hair. Soak it in, ladies.