Kamasugar, Erotic Lollipops For Sweet Love-Makin’


Artist Massimo Gammacurta works brilliantly with many different mediums. But his most interesting and enticing work appears to be in candy.

Enter, Kamasugar — a series of sugar sculptures formed into a number of sex positions. A stick is inserted [hee-hee] into the vibrantly-colored sculptures, making them the most erotic lollipops possible. NSFW lollies below.

kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-06 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-02 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-01 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-03 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-05

[link, via designboom]

The Whisker Dam Will Protect Your Mustache While You Drink Beer


Having a mustache is hard. First and foremost, there’s the constant fighting off of the ladies. Secondly, mustaches make drinking a frothy beer challenging, as they’re a bona fide foam magnet.

The Whisker Dam is here to help. Place one on your beer glass, and there’s now a convenient barrier between your froth-mop and your tasty beverage. The best part, is that the all-copper Whisker Dam is as stylish as you, mustachioed one.



[link, via Hi Consumption]

Safari Pancakes Are A Wild Breakfast


If you have ‘African safari’ or ‘seeing the coolest breakfast ever’ on your bucket list, you should check out these Safari Pancakes.

Brought to us by Nathan of Saipancakes, the wild breakfast is expertly drawn and cooked with batter. And they’ll save you a trip to Africa. You’re welcome.


Geometric Popsicles Are Perfect For Mathematicians On A Hot Day


If you’re into symmetry and staying cool, Geometric Popsicles are for you.

Brought to us by architect Manu Kumar, designer Stefan Gendl, and Nuna — the brilliantly-colored popsicles consist of a series of polygonal shapes, and placed on a bamboo popsicle stick.

Stay cool, math-guy.

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[link, via TAXI]

Pipemug, A Coffee Mug Bong


Wake and bake just got a lot more convenient… Pipemug will help you do both the ‘waking’ and ‘baking’ part in one handy vessel.

Fill the mug part with your favorite brew, and then pack the front with your favorite bud. The caffeine will help get the day started with a little extra energy, while the weed will mellow you back out.

So, you’ll probably feel exactly the same as when you started. Cool mug, though.



[link, via Supercompressor]