Never Forget To Drain Your Cutlery With Jumbo The Elephant


Your newly-rinsed utensils and cutlery need somewhere to hang out… The Jumbo Cutlery Drainer is here to help.

The cute little guy will gladly stand by the sink, eager to house anything that needs to drain through his nose spout. And, the best part, with Jumbo being an elephant and all, he never forgets what to do.

The Jumbo Cutlery Drainer is new, adorable, and available at The Foodiggity Shop.



The Foodnited States Of America, A Pun-Fueled Series of US States Made From Food


In addition to being the creator of, I’m also the father of an eight-year-old. And, when most of the material covered on your site could best be described as ‘juvenile food-related nonsense,’ a curious youngster is gonna wanna get involved.

It began innocently enough with, “Dad… What if you made States, but like, they were made of food, like?” My response was something along the lines of, “That’s been done to death already, son… Go to bed.” Then, the heir to the Foodiggity empire added, “But what if they like had funny names like New Pork or New Jerky, like?” Now, we were on to something.

So, with an idea set forth by an eight year-old, and contributions from Dad and others, we give you The Foodnited States of America.

The project will be based over at Instagram, hashtag #foodnitedstates. We already have Foodnited States worked out for most of the fifty, but we welcome suggestions for more.

Post your State food puns to us here. If we use it, we’ll give you a shout-out. You’ll be contributing to a fun project and perhaps helping an eight-year-old get an ‘A’ in social studies. F-S-A!! F-S-A!!




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The Greatest Tiered Human Organ Cake That You’ll See Today


Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen makes beautiful cakes. Not pretty flower and ribbon-laden cakes – but rather skull, blood, and skin cakes.

One of her latest creations provides perfect insight into her style, with a tiered human organ cake. From one side, the cake appears innocent enough, although already a bit macabre, covered with black fondant and gold lacework.

It’s not until we check out the other side, that we get a glimpse into Conjurer’s Kitchen’s specialty. The yummy layers consist of human innards — including a heart, healthy set of lungs, and top brain tier.




Bear Skin Picnic Blanket For Fancy Outdoor Dining


If you have a room in your house that contains a fireplace and smells of rich mahogany, then you surely have a bear skin rug in the middle of it. But what if you also enjoy dining in the park, and need somewhere worthy to sit?

The Bear Skin Picnic Blanket is here to help. Made to look like something you’d see in a rich guy’s study, combined with the unmistakable checkered pattern of a picnic blanket, you can enjoy a sophisticated outdoor lunch anytime. The smell of rich mahogany, not included.

The Bear Skin Picnic Blanket is now available at The Foodiggity Shop.






Foodiggity’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, 2014


It’s that time of year again… Time to let dad know that he rocks, to nurture his love of cooking, and/or to support his fondness for booze.

Either way, Foodiggity is proud to offer this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide. We’re sure there’s something here that dad will dig. Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day.


Legless Pirate Corkscrew

Dads drink… We know this because they have kids. The Legless Pirate Corkscrew will help open any bottle — whether with the helpful pirate’s corkscrew leg, or its bottle-opening head. Happy FAAARRRther’s Day!! [$14.99]



Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

If you have a man in your life who likes to cook, congrats. But perhaps said male is also a little obsessive about his knife skills. The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board will help with both.

The bamboo cutting board includes measurements to help dad make the most precise cuts. So, grab one for dad and enjoy your perfectly sliced and diced dinners. You’re welcome. [$24.99]



Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer

Does dad enjoy his meat thoroughly beaten? The Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer is here to help. Made to look like a set of brass knuckles, dad can deliver some back alley justice to any cut of meat.

The meat-beating could also help dad let out his frustrations from the previous 364 days that weren’t Father’s Day. [$11.99]



Frozen Peas Ice Mold

As mentioned previously, we know dad drinks… He has kids and all. And, there’s no better way for dad to keep his drink cool than with a giant ice cube.

The Frozen Peas Ice Mold will help create oversized orbs of coolness that melt 80% slower… So dad can really take his time with that drink. Give him a break, it’s his day to shine. [$14.99]



Rock and Roll Stuff

Dad rocks… So, let him know this with some fun rock and roll-related kitchen stuff.

Whether he could use a Flipper Guitar Spatula to play air guitar in the kitchen, Record Coasters to rest his drink on, or needs to time an egg with a Turntable Timer… They’ll appease dad’s love of music, and remind him that he rocks and/or rolls. Even if he uses the spatula to play air guitar. [$7.99-$14.99]



Sugar Skull Spoon

You’ve stirred up trouble your entire life. Now, dad needs to stir his coffee. The Sugar Skull Spoon is here to help, with one of the coolest and macabre spoons available. [$14.99]



Cooking Blocks Utensil Set

Dad has helped put together a countless amount of LEGO sets… We think he can handle three utensils. The Cooking Blocks Utensil Set consists of a toy brick-inspired spatula, spoon, and pasta fork.

Hopefully, all of that brick-assembling paid off, and dad can get this set together on the wall. And, if not, the kids can help… As usual. [$39.99]



Say Cheese Camera Slicer

Any dad probably had his picture taken, or has taken a few pics of the kids with an old Polaroid camera. And, everyone loves cheese. The Say Cheese Camera Slicer is here to make dad smile, and to get him that cheese he’s been asking for all year. [$11.99]



Tattoo Oven Mitt

Dad needs to reach into the oven to get out his raspberry scones, and he wants to look manly in the process. The Tattoo Oven Mitt is here to help.

Unless dad already has tattoos… In which case he either doesn’t bake, or prefers to reach into an oven barehanded anyway. That would make the scones look tough. [$14.99]

Need more inspiration for dad? Head over to see more Father’s Day Stuff at the Foodiggity Shop.