My Kids Can’t Eat This, A Photo Series That Documents Hilarious Reasons Why Kids Won’t Eat


“Because I Ieft the skin on.”

Kids are usually adorable. That is until you try to feed them, and they become awful demon spawn that hates you and your stupid food.

My Kid Can’t Eat This is a hilarious photo series that documents the many reasons why a kid won’t eat. Excuses range from a single green item amongst a bowl of pasta, to a parent that had the audacity to serve their child’s snack in the wrong bowl.

See more finicky youngsters below and over at Facebook and Instagram. #MyKidCantEatThis


“Because of this single bell pepper.”


“Only the outer edge is good.”


“Because I opened it half an inch.”


“It was presented in the wrong bowl.”


“Because it’s in a new wrapper.”


Can’t eat anything without sprinkles.


“[Can’t eat] bagel, but add a few sprinkles and a doughnut appears!”


A Unicorn Cookie That Poops Rainbows


Although we still argue over the existence of unicorns… we can all agree that they in fact poop rainbows.

Elise, over at My Cupcake Addiction, knows this to be true, and has created Rainbow Unicorn Cookies that dispense multi-colored sprinkles outta their butts.

Even if making the magical treats seems a bit labor intensive, the end result is a rainbow-pooping unicorn. Please watch this…


Foodiggity’s Foodnited States On The Today Show


Foodiggity was recently on the TV, with our friends from The Today Show showing some love for our Foodnited States project.

And… we got Matt Lauer to say New Jerky. Please watch…


Jumbo The Elephant Will Never Forget To Drain Your Utensils


Your newly-rinsed utensils and cutlery need somewhere to hang out… Enter, the Jumbo Cutlery Drainer.

The cute little guy will gladly stand by the sink, eager to house anything that needs to drain through his nose spout. And, the best part, with Jumbo being an elephant and all, he never forgets what to do.

The Jumbo Cutlery Drainer is new, adorable, and available at The Foodiggity Shop.



Baking is Gangsta With Rapper Cookie Stamps


Nothing says ‘gangsta’ quite like a nice warm batch of cookies. So, Baking With My Homies Cookie Stamps make total sense. Whether you’re East coast, West Coast, or anywhere in between — you’ll be a hit with the kids, and at the next bake sale.

Pay homage to a few fallen hip-hoppers with 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, or Eazy-E cookies. Make these your Christmas cookies and you’ll really earn some street cred this holiday.

Baking With My Homies come in a set of three. They’re available at The Foodiggity Shop. [$9.99]

la1416_bakingwithmyhomies_1 la1416_bakingwithmyhomies_2[link]