The Portland Press, A Mason Jar Coffee Maker


Stop me if you’ve heard this one… But someone has come up with an alternative use for a mason jar, and they’ve launched an online funding campaign to get the project off the ground. Only this time, the mason jar will help brew your coffee.

The Portland Press uses a few carefully constructed, American-made parts to help turn a mason jar into a functional French press. The Portland Press is also fitted with a wool cozy to keep your beverage warm and to help distinguish you from the other hipsters who are only using their jar to drink from — those posers. Find out more about the project here.



[link, via Core 77]


  1. says

    It looks really nice, but I’m wondering why wood? Other than the fact that it looks nice :). I was reading the FAQ at the project, although it mentions that the wood wouldn’t be smelly or degrade overtime, I still have my doubt. In the past, I have many wood utensils and I need to throw away most of them because of the smell and discoloration overtime. For $99 , I sure hope this french press can last.

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