The Plate Project, Dinner Plates From The Future

Gardens vs. Factories by Jono Pandolfi

Food & Wine recently created The Plate Project — where they asked a few notable folks from the food industry what a dinner plate might look like 35 years from now. And, rather than having to listen to a few foodies pontificate about the current state of food and its apparently doomed future — F&W had them instead get all artsy and actually create a plate.

The Plate Project, unsurprisingly, becomes a display of the bleak future of food and agriculture — with heavy emphasis on the role of pharmaceuticals and science. Also of note is a plate by culinary instructor Dave Arnold, who just went ahead and deep-fried a plate — perhaps summing up perfectly the inevitable progression from our current eating habits. Check them all out here.

Fried Plate by Dave Arnold
Food of The Future For The 1% by Anthony Bourdain
Pharm To Table by AvroKo

[link, via Co.Design]

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